Get an outstanding e-commerce website in 2021 with these 5 tips

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Developing an eCommerce website is an important part of your eCommerce strategy. With the help of an eCommerce store, you can easily build your brand, grow your sales, and make loyal customers. 

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If you are not yet convinced why you should have your own eCommerce store, read some of the great benefits that you can get with a website:

  • Your eCommerce website can help you to reach a mass audience. 
  • Your online store can provide you with several important reports like sales reports, customers report, stock reports & a lot more, and that too 24/7.
  • Your eCommerce store can also serve you as a customer care hub when your developer integrates a live chat to your website. 
  • You can also leverage your eCommerce blog to grow your sales at absolutely no additional cost. 

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With so many great benefits of creating an eCommerce website, you simply can’t miss out to have one. 

But just creating an eCommerce store is not enough. Of course, you can hire an affordable web developer to build a website and start selling. That’s not the end of the story. Because you need an outstanding eCommerce website to distinguish yourself from your competition. 

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But the question is “How can your web developer create an outstanding eCommerce store?”.

Well, to answer this question, I have written this blog post. Here, I have shared 5 useful tips for you or your website developer to create an outstanding eCommerce website in 2021 and grow your business. 

Are you ready? Let’s dive in. 

#1 Get a blog

Do you need an eCommerce store that can help you to engage your visitors? Go for a blog!

Yes, a blog can help your eCommerce store to not only engage the visitors but also to increase your sales. And the best part is, you don’t need to make a hole in your wallet to install a blog on your website. 

Your web developer can easily set up a blog with your existing eCommerce store. Especially, if you have developed your website using WordPress, it becomes, even more, easier for you or your developer to activate a blog.

#2 Get a live chat

By integrating a live chat feature with your eCommerce store, you can facilitate your users to chat with you and resolve their queries or concerns swiftly. This small initiative can help you to grow your sales. 

Also, a live chat feature will help your eCommerce store to stand out from the competition. The more privileges you provide to your customers, the better will be the chances of getting more sales. 

Why you should consider integrating a live chat feature:

  • Your potential buyers get faster responses and as a result, they are more likely to buy from you. 
  • You can solve the problems of your customers in real-time. 
  • It helps to improve the efficiency of your business. 
  • It doesn’t cost too much to install a live chat feature. 

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If you think that integrating a live chat will cost you a lot, perish that thought!

You will be surprised to know that you can easily integrate a live chat widget with your online store for as low as $100 per annum. 

#3 Take care of mobiles

This year and in the coming years, you may see an increase in the usage of mobile phones to browse websites. 

In other words, more and more users will browse the websites using their smart devices such as mobile phones or tablets. 

Given this scenario, it’s even more important than ever for you to take care of the responsiveness of your eCommerce store. If you don’t, you may lose a huge share of the revenue for your eCommerce business. 

I know that I have mentioned the importance of responsiveness of a website in many blogs, but here, I will talk beyond the basic responsiveness. 

If your website loads in a mobile-friendly manner on all mobile devices, that doesn’t mean it’s 100% responsive. There are a few other essential ingredients that are required to make a website responsive. 

Below are some of the important characteristics of a truely responsive website:

  • Prioritized rendering of important elements.
  • Image optimization for its size and weight. 
  • Touch screen accessibility. 
  • Fluid design to render the website according to the device specifications. 

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#4 Leverage popups

I am sure you must have noticed many eCommerce websites that show a popup with some discounts or promotional offers. These kinds of popups are really useful to get more conversions. 

You can also consider integrating a popup with your eCommerce website as well. 

But it’s important to use a popup feature on your website wisely. Otherwise, you may end up annoying your online shoppers. 

Below are some of the things that you must consider while leveraging a popup on your store:

  • The popup shouldn’t appear immediately when the user lands on your website. You can ask your web designer to show the popup after 10 seconds of the user’s entrance. 
  • The popup should not ask the user to copy the discount code and paste it on the checkout page. Instead, you must provide a button on the popup itself so that the user can click and the discount code should be implemented automatically. 
  • The popup must be responsive for all the mobile devices. Most of the time, the developers forget to optimize the popups for the mobiles and as a result, the mobile users can’t see the message clearly.

#5 Loading speed

Online users are becoming more and more impatient while browsing websites. 

Why is it so?

  • There are many options for users to buy from. 
  • Most of the websites load faster so the users really don’t bother with the sites that take time to load. 
  • The users want to compare well before they buy any product, so they want to browse a maximum number of websites in the minimum timeframe. 

Therefore, it’s very important for you to take care of the loading speed of your website. 

Below are some of the major benefits that your website can get with an optimized loading speed:

  • More conversions & sales. 
  • Lesser bounce rate. 
  • Higher user-engagement. 
  • Enhanced search engine rankings. 

If you already have an eCommerce store that takes time to load, you must take this matter seriously and hire a website developer to fix this problem. This small investment is really worth it. 

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