Focus On Your Business & Outsource The Rest: Outsource Your Website Maintenance

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Is your website driving traffic and revenue for your business?

Have you been getting the expected results from your website development?

If not, there’s something wrong.

What that could be?

Chances could be that you are not paying attention to your website. Perhaps you too applied the “build it and forget it” technique as most businesses do. Sounds familiar?

I know that you can’t maintain your website regularly because you are too busy with your own business activities that you don’t really think about your website. But at the same time, we all know that website maintenance is as equally important as its existence in the very first place.

So, what’s the solution here?

Outsource Your Website Maintenance

singapore web developer

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Yes. Let the experts handle your website so that you can handle your business activities well.

If you are not familiar with the website maintenance services, activities, or processes, let me share how it works. I will share 6 activities that a web developer will do for you when you hire him/her to maintain your website.

6 Major Activities Covered Under Website Maintenance

#1 Website Updates

When you hire a web developer to maintain your website, you get the below services covered:

  • Content updates on your website
  • Image changes on your website
  • Adding new sections to your website
  • Updating phone numbers, addresses, etc
  • Changing or deleting links from your webpages

#2 Website Security

Most web development companies also provide website security services when you engage them for your website maintenance.

Below are some of the activities covered under website security when you get website maintenance services:

  • Virus removal.
  • Cleaning malicious codes.
  • Integrate security plugins in the case of WordPress websites.
  • Protect the website from brutal force attempts.
  • Adding a secured layer at the CMS level.

#3 Website Backups

This is quite straight forward. Your website will be backed-up & stored regularly when you subscribe with a maintenance plan. In case you need to restore any of the previous backups of your website, you could easily do it.

#4 Fixing Broken Links

Having lots of broken links is among the most popular symptom of a website that’s not being maintained regularly.

How do broken links affect a website?

  • It affects the users’ experience badly because the users see ‘a page not found when they click any broken link on your website.
  • Search engines like Google don’t like websites that have broken links. So having too many broken links also affects your search engine rankings.

When you hire a web designer to maintain your website, he will fix all of your broken links by either pointing them to their respective correct pages or removing them.

#5 Website SEO

How website maintenance enhances SEO?

  • Search engines love websites that get updated regularly with fresh content. It simply means when you have more updated content on your website, the higher will be the chances that you will see your website in noticeable positions of search engines.
  • As I already mentioned above that if your website has any broken links, it affects the search engine ranking. Having these broken links fixed will definitely help in the SEO of your website.
  • There are many web development companies that provide blog writing services under their maintenance packages. So when your website is being fed by fresh content at regular intervals, there will be higher chances that your website will be placed in prominent positions of search engines which will bring relevant traffic to it.

#6 Enhancing Loading Spead

What’s the point of having a nice website with great content but it takes forever to load on browsers? Especially in the case of eCommerce websites, it’s very important to take care of website loading speed as it could affect your website sales.

By hiring website developers to maintain your website, you get below services from them:

  • Regular checkup of website loading speed.
  • Integration of cache plugins to ensure the website loads quickly for your potential customers.
  • Optimize heavy images on your website.
  • Reduce the server load by minifying the CSS and other files.

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