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No matter whether you sell products or services, you definitely need an online selling platform to grow your business. A robust eCommerce website can really take your small business to new heights even if you don’t have a high budget to invest.


eCommerce doesn’t require a huge investment

Setting up & running an eCommerce website doesn’t require huge investments especially if you compare it with a retail outlet’s management expenses.

The best thing with eCommerce websites is that even if you don’t have a huge budget to invest, you can always start with minimum investment first & down the line, you can top-up your online store with advanced features.

5 Major reasons to build an eCommerce website

Before investing even a single dollar in eCommerce website development, you must understand why you need an eCommerce for your business.

Here are the top 5 reasons for having an online store:

1. People’s lives are hectic & getting to a brick & mortar store to buy things would take much of their time. An eCommerce website enables you to fit into your customers’ busy lives & offer them products that they want at their convenient time.

2. Unlike traditional brick & mortar business, an online store gives you the opportunity to put your business in front of thousands of customers within a reasonable budget & time through search engines and other online marketing activities.

3. A well-designed eCommerce website can influence buying decisions of your potential customers by showcasing your products at their best and helping your customers to choose the one they have been looking for.

4. It was never so easy in the history of business to have your online stores inside your customer’s pockets. Yes, I am talking about mobile phones. Having a responsive eCommerce website enables your customers to browse and buy the products even if they are on the move.

5. Easy-to-use CMS interface for eCommerce websites by the platforms like WordPress, OpenCart, etc. has made it even more convenient for sellers to maintain their online store without any technical know-how.

Don’t the above 5 reasons encourage you to start your online store without any delay? If yes, do email me at or call me at 90979242 to know more about my eCommerce web design services.

Who can create an eCommerce website for you?

A professional website developer can help you to create an eCommerce store for your business. Even if you have a low budget for your eCommerce website development, you can find lots of individual developers and small website design agencies that can help you to create an online store at a low cost.

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How much does an eCommerce website design cost?

The average cost to create an eCommerce website in Singapore may start at $3000 and can go up to $10000 or more depending on your specific needs.

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