Do’s & Don’ts While Hiring An E-Commerce Web Developer

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A fully-functional & robust E-commerce website is an extreme necessity for any business. 

Your e-commerce store is your first impression to the prospective client and it needs to be user-friendly, good looking and attractive with all the right things in the right place. 

Therefore, creating a perfect e-commerce website to sell your products & services is as important as the existence of your business and therefore hiring an efficient web developer is extremely important in this case. 

web developer singapore

But the question is how can you search & hire a web developer to build your e-commerce store? 

Well, here are some do’s and don’ts that one needs to follow before hiring a web developer.


It’s important that you hire:

1. A Web Developer With The Required Technical Skills

It is advisable to interview the prospective candidate before finalizing on the chosen one. A web developer with relevant qualifications must possess knowledge relevant to your domain of interest. 

Does your prospective web developer possess required technical expertise to develop an e-commerce website for your business? 

Has he or she got the special skills that are required to develop modern websites such as a live Chabot, SEO-friendly codes, responsive web design and so on? 

These are some of the questions that you must consider and ask your e-commerce developer before engaging him or her.

2. A Web Developer With Impressive Portfolio

The portfolio of your candidate will inform you a lot about their specialty and expertise. 

If you have a business structure that is more B2B, it is recommended that you hire a developer with experience in more B2B projects and similarly for B2C. 

Besides knowing this, it is also required that you understand if these projects were relatively complex in nature and if they match up to your expectations.

3. A Web Developer Who Can Offer Affordable Web Solutions

There are various models of pricing that a company follows in order to generate the total income from a project. 

It can be a fixed price or hourly billings or maybe a dedicated hiring. Make sure that the pricing model is in your budgets and suits your needs.

4. A Web Developer Who Is Good In Communications

Having regular updates about the progress of your website development is extremely important. Here’s why good communication skills become so important for any website developer.

You need to fix a timeline in accordance with the developer and make sure that they adhere to it to ensure that all items are fulfilled seamlessly.

5. A Web Developer Who Don't Outsource

Before hiring a web developer to build your e-commerce store, be sure to check whether your development process will be carried out by in-house developers or it will be outsourced. 

Having an in-house development team will be easier to deal well and is always recommended.

6. A Web Developer Who Provides Service Warranty

Once the process of development is over, it is very much possible that certain bugs or issues might arise as the website goes public. 

Hence, it is important to make sure that the web developers don’t begin charging you as soon as the bill gets settled and that they provide certain amount of warranty for their work for a fixed time period.

7. A Web Developer Who Provides Support & Maintenance

As we all know that the website development is not a one-time process. 

You do need your web developer’s assistance post-development too. 

Therefore, you must check with your web developer about his/her arrangements for maintenance & support.

8. A Web Developer With Positive Feedback

Feedback from the past clients is the best way to identify is the developer will be able to cope with your expectations. 

Always make sure that you go through their past clientele and study the responses and issues that they had faced in order to avoid your own.


It is also Important that you don’t hire:

1. A Web Developer Who Works On Outdated Technologies

With the growing demand for technologically advanced websites, it is important that your hired developer has the knowledge of latest platforms

Platforms like Magento, have in the recent past, gone through an update with many new features being introduced. 

Similarly, since major site development takes place on WooCommerce, BigCommerce etc., the developer should have working expertise of these platforms too.

2. A Web Developer Who Can't Guide You On Platforms

Every e-commerce website has different demands which will be fulfilled by different platforms. 

Choosing the right platform to develop your website is the most important aspect of any web development process. 

Make sure your developer knows what is best for you.

3. A Web Developer Who Prefers Coding Over Analysis

Coding should never be the first step of development. 

Beware of the coders who begin coding as soon as the deal is locked. Having an in-depth analysis of the situation is a must before taking any further action.

4. A Web Developer Who Don't Have Your Domain Knowledge

This is critical as the requirements for your e-commerce website might not be similar to that of the next person. 

Having a developer with knowledge, specifically of your domain, is always an added advantage.

5. A Web Developer Because Of Cheap Price

Having a budget is important but going for a developer just because they are offering you the lowest price is never a good idea. 

Be smart and choose a web developer who is affordable and but at the same time possesses all the required skills & expertise.

6. A Web Developer Who Don't Know SEO

SEO is critical if you wish to market your product to the crowds. 

If your web developer lacks knowledge of the proper usage of SEO, it will hamper your overall growth.


Choosing a company that fulfils all the do’s and avoiding all the don’ts is the mammoth task but at the same time it must not be ignored at any cost. 

We wish you all the best in your journey and hope that you land upon your dream developer soon.

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