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Determinants of a web design cost

During my interaction with the clients, I am often asked “how much a website will cost?” or “what is the cost to design a website?“.

In this blog post, I’ve talked about the various determinants of website design cost along with the different types of websites and their respective estimated charges.

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#1 Static or Dynamic Website

First of all, you need to decide whether you are going to have a static website or a dynamic one. Different web designers talk about the types of websites in different ways. Let’s discuss both of them.

A static website could mean a website with no flash or other animation at all however a dynamic website could have few elements of interactivity in form of flash animations or other scripts.

A static website could also mean that your website would be built using a basic script/language which is HTML however a dynamic website could mean that you will get a website that would be built on advanced/dynamic scripts for eg. PHP,ASP,ASP.NET etc.

Whatever the case is, the cost of a dynamic website would always be higher than that of a static one. So you need to decide upon the nature of your website first in order to get a web design cost or conversely you may decide the nature of your website according to your budget.

Note: The cost to build a static website in Singapore may start at $800 while the cost to create a dynamic website may start at $1200.

#2 Payment Gateway

If your website needs to have a payment gateway installed in it for accepting online payments, then surely, you will have to pay a relatively higher cost for your website development. The reason is simple. Your web developer will need to write advanced scripts in order to facilitate your users to pay for your products or services on your websites.

Note: The cost to build a website in Singapore with the payment gateway may start at $3000.

#3 CRM

Having a CRM system on your website will definitely increase the cost of your website manyfold because your website developer may need to install several CRM modules & integrate them with the core sections of your website in order to fetch the customer information and store them at the backend so that you can view or take necessary actions based on those saved data.

Note: The cost to build a website in Singapore with the CRM may start at $6000.

#4 Flash

Including flash and shockwave animation, streaming video, javascript, applets, and any number of action graphics enhancements will definitely increase the cost of website development. Moreover, flash elements are not advisable to add to your website because search engines don’t love websites that have huge flash elements on the homepage or important landing pages. Therefore, avoiding flash elements on your website will not only save you from heavy dents in your wallet but would also be good for search engine rankings of your website.

#5 eCommerce

If you are a retailer and wish to include an eCommerce module on your website, then you will have to pay a handsome amount for your website development. The reason is simple: Having an eCommerce system on a website will require more work effort by web developers to complete the website and at the same time, there may be several additional eCommerce modules that could be required to purchase & integrate for your e-commerce website.

Note: The cost to build an eCommerce website in Singapore may start at $3000.

#6 Responsiveness

Today, having a responsive website is no more a choice; but it has become mandatory now. Google has declared publicly that a website’s responsiveness would now be one of the criteria for considering a website to be listed on the search engine results organically. It involves additional effort and therefore a mobile responsive website would cost you more than a normal website that is not responsive. But it is advised to invest in a responsive website to reap long-term benefits.

#7 Custom Requirements

Other than the above-listed points, a web design cost could also vary depending upon the custom requirements of every business. Since all businesses don’t work in the same way as one does,the cost to develop their website also doesn’t remain the same. Leave alone the difference in web design costs for different industries, sometimes you may see a huge difference in website design cost even if you compare your website with your competitors.