How to build a profitable landing page at an affordable cost

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Do you need to create an effective landing page to grow your leads & sales. In this blog post, I have shared a few ways in which you can create an affordable landing page to achieve a higher ROI on your advertising & marketing campaigns.

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1. Start with a Clear Goal and Audience in Mind

Before you start the designing process of your landing page, make sure you know your outcome. In other words, you must be clear on your goals and audience that you want to achieve and reach. 

Starting with a clear goal in your mind will help you build a great landing page at an affordable price. It’s because then you don’t have to invest more time and resources in the creation & iteration process of your landing page.

2. Choose an Affordable, User-Friendly Platform like WordPress

There are many ways to build a landing page. I have seen many webmasters choose to prefer HTML landing pages to save their development costs. But most of them realize later that it’s costing them more than expected because it takes a lot of time for their designer and developers to make changes to the static HTML pages. 

Choosing a user-friendly platform like WordPress would be a great idea for your landing page development. When you build your landing pages using WordPress, you don’t have to put hours into adding new blocks or changing their colors, alignment, spacing, etc. 

With the help of a drag-and-drop page builder, you can do these minor iterations yourself without hiring a web developer and paying them to make these changes. In short, WordPress landing pages are way more cost-effective than HTML landing pages in the long run.

3. Utilize High-Quality, Affordable Stock Images

High-quality images are the backbone of any landing page. Believe it or not, the success of your landing page also depends, to a certain extent, on the images that you are using on them. However, most small businesses, startups, and individuals don’t want to invest in buying stock images because of their limited budget.

Very few web developers will tell you that you can get high-quality & royalty-free images for free. Most of them would advise you to buy these images. Did you know that some great websites like and offer free images to download and use on your website?

4. Craft a Compelling Headline and Persuasive Copy

Content, just like the images, is another important ingredient for making a landing page successful. Of course, the importance of using great headlines on a landing page can’t be ignored. If you want a high customer engagement rate and high conversion rate, make sure that the content of your landing page meets the expectations of your targeted audience. Additionally, your content should briefly describe the benefits, features, and reasons for using your services or products. Writing effective content on your landing page can save you a lot on your advertising budget.

5. Create a Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

Calls to action (CTA) are one of the crucial elements of any landing page to succeed. These CTAs could be in the form of buttons, forms, WhatsApp icons, phone calls, etc. The primary goal of a CTA is to encourage users to take the desired action on the landing page. For example, if your objective is to get maximum leads from your landing page, your web developer can make use of web forms as a CTA to collect the users data.

6. Utilize Free Analytics Tools for Continuous Improvement

Analyzing & monitoring the performance of a landing page is very important for its success. Fortunately there are many free web analytic tools like Google Analytics that your web developer can integrate with your website. Free tools like Google Analytic make it possible for the webmasters to observe and enhance the performance of their landing pages at no cost.


If you are on a budget and trying to get the most out of your advertising campaigns through your landing pages, the above tips can help you achieve that.