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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) that powers millions of websites and applications. Using WordPress, you can create a blog, a portfolio website, an online store, or any other type of website that you might need.

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Why WordPress is good for website development?

While there are dozens of reasons to choose WordPress for website development, below are listed some of them:

  • WordPress is free to use & customize.
  • WordPress developers are available in abundance & at an affordable cost.
  • WordPress is loved by search engines.
  • WordPress is easy to learn for layman webmasters.
  • It’s easier to redesign a WordPress website as compared to a custom-coded website.
  • There are dozens of free & useful plugins that can be used with a WordPress website.
  • There are dozens of free themes that can be used for a WordPress website.

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How much does a basic WordPress site design cost?

You may find a website developer in Singapore who can charge as low as $1200 to create a basic WordPress website. However, different web developers & web design companies have different web design packages.

What are some of the essential features that a WooCommerce website should have?

If you are going to create a basic WordPress website, below are some of the basic yet essential features that your site should have:

  • Responsive website design
  • Quick loading webpages
  • Contact forms & inquiry forms
  • Secured CMS
  • SEO plugin

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What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free e-commerce plugin for WordPress, which allows you to sell products and services from your WordPress site. With over 5.5 million downloads, WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, powering over 3% of all online stores in the world.

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, and WooCommerce is the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress. The combination of WordPress and WooCommerce provides you with a solution that is simple to set up, easy to manage, and powerful enough to create almost any type of online store.

In other words, if you need an easy-to-use eCommerce website at an affordable cost, WooCommerce is the best CMS option for you.

Why WooCommerce for ECommerce website development?

As we already mentioned above, WooCommerce enables you to build a cost-effective & profitable eCommerce website. Below are some of the major reasons for you to use WooCommerce for your eCommerce website development:

#1 Availability of plugins

There are plenty of plugins to use with your WooCommerce website. Whether you need a dynamic pricing feature or an order abandonment recovery feature, you can easily find an appropriate plugin for your WooCommerce store.

#2 Availability of themes

When you use the WooCommerce platform to build your online store, you’ll have a lot of different options for using a theme for your eCommerce website design. There are thousands of eCommerce themes available on ThemeForest and many of them are mobile-friendly and responsive.

#3 Can be used to sell anything

WooCommerce is great for selling not only physical products like clothing and accessories, but it’s also great for selling digital products too like e-books and videos. Even better, you can also sell physical and digital products together as a package deal.

#4 Intuitive backend

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that makes it easy for your business to sell products online. It’s built by the same team that created WordPress, and it comes with an easy-to-use backend that can be handled by even laymen.

#5 Availability of web developers

There is no scarcity of web developers when you go for WooCommerce for your website development. There are many WooCommerce developers & WooCommerce agencies that offer eCommerce solutions to business owners.

How much does a basic WooCommerce website development cost?

Although there is no standing pricing for building a WooCommerce website, the cost to create an eCommerce website using WooCommerce may start at $3000. At this cost, you will get all the basic yet essential eCommerce features that you need to run a successful eCommerce business.

At Innomedia, we charge only $2800 to create a basic eCommerce website in which we provide the below features:

What are some of the essential features that a WooCommerce website should have?

Different web developers will provide you with different features, but if you want to know about some of the essential features that your WooCommerce website should have, this is for you.

Below are some of the essential features that every WooCommerce website should have:

  • Responsive website design
  • Discount coupons
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Shipping cost management
  • Payment options
  • Social sharing options
  • Up-selling & Cross-selling
  • Price filters
  • Products zoom-in option

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