9 Unimaginable Benefits Of Your Ecommerce Website Redesign

ecommerce website redesign singapore

Do you have an eCommerce website that’s running for quite some time now and you have been still using the same design & features on it?

At some point in time, perhaps, you might have thought to redesign your website but you never took any action on it.

Still, thinking about whether you should redesign it or not? It’s time to stop thinking and start redesigning. A website redesign comes with several benefits that you will be glad to know.

ecommerce website redesign singapore

In this blog post, I will be sharing a few of the great benefits of redesigning your existing eCommerce website.

Let’s start!

#1 A Fresh Start

We all human beings, embrace a new & fresh start. Whether it’s our life, business, or even a website:-)

With a new design & exciting features loaded on your eCommerce website, you may start loving your website even more than before. Isn’t it?

Not only this, but you also start thinking about how you can beat your competition by ensuring that your eCommerce store looks much, much better than theirs.

So, just stop thinking that redesigning your eCommerce website is just a waste of money. It could be a new opportunity to re-launch your business style.

Talking about myself, whenever I redesign any of my websites, I always try to get better than my competitors, and once I am done with the new look of my website, I start loving it more.

#2 Brand Consistency

Chances are high that in the due course of your business operations, you may have changed some of your brand elements that, you haven’t showcased yet on your eCommerce website. This could cause brand inconsistency issues.

Redesigning your website also means that you align it with your new brand features.

Good for your business & trust-winning for your customers.

#2 Increased Conversions

This is one of the most important reasons that businesses redesign their eCommerce websites.

With each redesign, I always expect & to get at least 10% more conversions.

With the changing time & design trends, the taste of your customers also changes. And when you present your business on a completely trendy platform, your potential customers tend to get engaged with you.

More engagements lead to more conversions and needless to say, more conversions lead to your business growth.


#4 Adaptability With New Browsers & Devices

Again, with the changing web technologies, your website may become incompatible with the latest/newer versions of browsers and devices like mobiles and tablets.

By not conforming with the latest browsers and devices, you ensure that you lose a major share of your sales and give away that share, unknowingly, to your competition. How shocking is that?

Get your share back by taking an action now & redesigning your eCommerce website.

#5 Winning Customers Trust

People like to do business with companies that are in trend. They don’t like to buy products from old-school guys.

Imagine you want to buy a trendy smartwatch online & you happen to land on a website that sells those watches but their way of presentation and their website design really sucks.

Chances are that you won’t buy from them. Me too.

So, here is a takeaway. By redesigning your website with a new look and awesome features, you build your customer’s trust as well.

#6 Control Over Your Content

Most of the old websites are built either without any CMS (Content Management System) or an obsolete CMS. This simply means that the webmaster or the owner of the website can’t update their content on their own.

Revamping your existing eCommerce website also provides you with an opportunity to choose a reliable & easy-to-control CMS like WordPress.

If you really want to keep your web development cost low, my suggestion here is to go with WordPress.

Yes, redesign your website and this time choose WordPress so that you can take control of your website and you don’t need to pay your web developer for every minor change you need on your website.

#7 Thinking About Business With A New Perspective

It’s my first-hand experience that when I go through a website redesign process, I get to think about my business from a totally new perspective. Sometimes it even shifts my paradigm.

I start thinking about new ways to introduce new services or new features for my existing services.

Try it and you will experience the same too.

#8 Saving Money

As I suggested you choose WordPress for your eCommerce website development or redevelopment, you will be able to take control of your website completely.

As a result? Yes, you will save money in the long term.

With an easy-to-use CMS like WordPress, you can add new categories, products, pages, and even some of the light features to your eCommerce website without any need to hire a web developer.

#9 High ROI

If you have been running an eCommerce business for quite some time, you must be investing your money in marketing or advertising your store online.

With a new look and enhanced features, your marketing efforts will bring more results for your business.

Be it Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing or Advertising, Email Marketing, or Search Engine Optimization, a redesign will definitely help you to get high ROI if done correctly.

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