9 Latest Trends For Your E-Commerce Website Design To Get More Sales

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The past decade has seen a sharp rise in e-commerce

E-commerce, which is also known as electronic commerce or commerce done over the internet, is a term that refers to selling and buying of services and goods over the internet, and exchange of data and money for execution of these transactions.

ecommerce mobile apps development singapore

The trend and the opportunity

Some pundits believe that there will be a day when brick and mortar retail activities will be surpassed by e-commerce. 

Then, it comes as no surprise that you would want to make an investment in your own e-commerce website development. 

It is worth noting that websites get outdated very easily and it is important to keep looking for the latest trends that are used by website designers for e-commerce in order to stay ahead of the curve. 

As we get deeper into 2019, we have noticed that there is a rising trend towards improving user experience. 

Web developers need to be conscious of the fact that being enticing is as important as the simplicity of web features. 

This, however, needs to be done while preserving the functionality. 

Here, we will look at some of the best trends that should be adopted by your e-commerce designer.

1. Focus on the background

One of the best ways of attracting users to your website and increasing the time they spend on your website is by having an enticing background

Though keeping things to a minimum happens to be an important element of design, 2019 will see more websites embracing animated and video content as the background for the site’s layout.

2. Use of micro-interaction technology

Micro-interactions happen to be small interactions between the website and the user. 

They are getting more popular in 2019. Micro-interaction technologies act like directions, while helping the users in accomplishing certain tasks. 

They provide important feedback to the users as they stay engaged with the website.

These technologies also help in preventing errors by guiding users along all steps of a process.

What are your plans to guide your users?

3. Use of chatbots, AI and machine learning

Development of machine learning & artificial intelligence has altered the whole experience of interacting with bots. 

More sites are making using of bots for improving communication between the buyer and seller. 

These chatbots help sales teams in finding new prospects for businesses.

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4. Newer grid layouts

Thinking outside the box is an upcoming trend in e-commerce website design

A symmetric layout and broken grid make up for the foundation of all grid layouts used for websites. 

These layouts make it easier to structure the websites. Broken grid makes it a breeze to add video, images and other forms of modern content to the website.

5. Using geometric shapes

Making use of geometrical designs during e-commerce website development has been popular for quite some time now. 

Website designers have taken note of the fact that websites that make use of geometric shapes are better received by the users. 

What’s more, they are not at all expensive to implement. If you do not want to overload your website with animated content or videos, then making use of shapes is the best thing to do.

6. Focus On Your Brand

Your website and the brand should be one as far as the bigger audience is concerned. 

Take the time to figure out the key characteristics of your brand & highlight them through your e-commerce website design. 

The goal is to make these a reality and project them in the right light to the audience. 

This can be best done by showcasing authentic content on your website.

7. Use of material design

When you consider the design of your user interface, you should have access to the right tools so that the users can interact easily with your website. 

Material design provides you the tools that can be used to get the most out of your user interface. 

Material design works on colors, spacing, typography, images and grids

All of these design features work together to create your website which you use for the furtherance of your business.

8. Minimalistic approach

Less is more when it comes to website design. 

The trend to have a minimalistic approach towards web design is increasing in popularity. 

The reason for this is that the users like spending more time on websites that are designed around simplicity. 

Users do not feel comfortable exploring websites full of clutter. A minimalistic approach ensures that the website serves as a guide for the users.

9. Hamburger menus

Hamburger menus is the name given to the icons that make up 3 or 4 parallel lines. 

They are typically found at the top left or top right portion of the webpage. When the user clicks on the icons, they get to a different menu that helps them navigate the site. 

Website designers sometimes refer to this as the side menu, the option button, the sandwich or the hotdog. 

All of these essentially work the same way.


E-Commerce can be a very competitive place to be in. 

This should not, however, detract the startups. 

This rather is a great opportunity for them if they follow the right tactics for running their business. 

A great way to do this is to invest in your website. 

You do need to know the current trends to make a call on what you will apply in your design. 

We have pointed out some of the top web designing trends in 2019 for you to get started.

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