9 Important things to do for your website maintenance

website maintenance Singapore

It’s well said that website maintenance is as important as its development.

You can’t just build your website and forget it. You need to maintain it regularly. Failing to do so may result in some serious troubles for you namely errors and warnings, malicious code injections, slow loading speed, loss of search engine rankings, hacking, lack of user experience, and more. 

website maintenance Singapore

It is therefore mandatory to hire a website developer to maintain your website. But before you hire a website developer for your website maintenance, you may be wondering what exactly a web developer in Singapore does to maintain a website.

In this blog post, I have shared 9 major activities that a Singapore website developer does to maintain a website. 

Let’s begin!

#1 Software upgrade

Whether your website is developed using CMS software like WordPress, Drupal, OpenCart, or Joomla, it’s important to upgrade or update the CMS version of your site.

So, updating the CMS software to its latest version is the most important thing that a web developer does to maintain a website. 

If you don’t possess the necessary skills to upgrade your website’s software, it makes sense to hire a website builder to take care of these things.

#2 Plugins update

A CMS-driven website runs through a set of plugins, modules, or extensions. The developers of these plugins, extensions or modules keep changing the version of their products.

When they do so, it’s important for you or your developer to upgrade those plugins. If you don’t do it, your website may start malfunctioning or showing errors to the users. This can badly affect the reputation of your website and business. 

That’s why it’s important to update the plugins of your website regularly.

When you hire a website developer in Singapore, he or she will ensure that all the plugins of your website are up-to-date. 

#3 Theme update

Similar to the plugins, the theme of a website also needs to be updated according to the latest version released by its developer.

Failing to do so may break the design of your website or may result in serious security issues.

Although updating a theme may require a few minutes only, your website may require some customizations to be preserved and reinstated back after the theme update. 

So, even if you know how to update a theme, make sure to back up your website first so that you can restore it immediately if updating the theme breaks your site.  

Below are the steps to update your WordPress theme:

  • Create a backup of your website.
  • Download the latest version of your theme.
  • Copy the customizations from your current theme and add them to the updated theme. 
  • Upload the updated theme folder to your site.
  • Activate the updated theme on your site.
  • Check your website properly.

#4 Enhance content

Content enhancement is a major task that comes under website maintenance. Your website developer can regularly update the content of your website as a part of their website maintenance package.

Updating your website with fresh content will enable your site to rank well in search engines. 

#5 Add blogs

Adding blogs to a website is another great way to feed hungry search engines.

When you feed the search engines with what they have been looking for (fresh content), your website is more likely to rank and attract potential customers to your site. 

You can provide your website builder with fresh blogs however there are many web agencies or web developers in Singapore that can help to write and publish blogs on your website.

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#6 Take regular backups

Taking regular backups of your website is crucial. Website backup process can be a lifesaver for your business in times of turbulence.

Your website may break due to unpredictable & uncontrollable reasons like a server crash.  In such events, you may need the latest backup of your website to restore and make your website up & running again. 

Taking regular backups of a website is an integral part of any website maintenance package. In other words, when you hire a website builder in Singapore, they would ensure that your website is backed up regularly. 

#7 Check loading speed

Website loading speed is crucial for its success. A slow-loading website can affect your revenue because if your website is loading slowly, you may not get the desired results (leads, conversions, or sales).

So, if you want to achieve a high return on your website investment, you must make sure that the loading speed of your website is optimized. 

When your website’s speed is optimized, it’s more likely to rank in search engines. 

A well-optimized website is also likely to get a lower bounce rate and higher user-engagement rate. 

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#8 Check website health status

You may not possess the required technical skills to check the health of your website. And it’s crucial to ensure that your website is always healthy. This is another major reason to hire a website developer to maintain your website. 

When you hire a Singapore web developer to maintain your website, they would always ensure that your website is healthy and has no potential issues that may affect its performance or usability. 

What are the important things that a web developer does to ensure the optimum health of your website?

  • Checking and fixing the broken links.
  • Checking and ensuring that there are no additional redirects on your site. 
  • Making sure that your website’s loading speed is optimum. 

#9 Check responsiveness 

A responsive website is more likely to succeed as compared to those websites that are not responsive. A website that looks good not only on desktops but also looks great on other devices such as tablets and mobiles, is known as a responsive website.

If you want high user engagement & a lower bounce rate, you need to have a responsive website design.

If you want higher search engine rankings & more traffic to your website, you need to have a responsive website design. 

The responsiveness of your website may get broken due to any of the plugins update or theme updates. It is therefore very important to keep checking whether your website is looking good on all devices or not. You may not have time to do so. Here comes the assistance of a website maker. 

When you hire a website developer in Singapore, you don’t have to worry about the responsiveness of your website. Your developer will take care of it.

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