8 Tips To Improve Your Website In 2019

improving web design in 2019

You might be wondering why your website is not getting and attracting the kind of audience you always wanted. 

Maybe it’s time to redesign your website or create a new website for your business. 

improving web design in 2019

This article will definitely help in providing you with the better tips that you need to improve your website in 2019.

#1 Have A Plan

Your website should not be all about creating a site because it is the trend. Instead, your website must serve you as a tool that will provide you with the ability to showcase your products or services and at the same time engage with your targeted audience. 

You should be able to take a look at your journey with your users, right from their first visit to how they became your customers eventually. 

What pages, content, and offer that you provide attracts them the most? So getting to understand all of this information will give you a strategy on how to redesign your website & provide more and better services to your customers.

#2 Declutter Your Website

A thorough check should be carried out to check for things that are not necessary, which might cause a distraction to your customers. 

These things might be preventing the actual message you are trying to pass getting to your users. For most customers, your first impression determines if you are worth their time or not.

Make a list of features that you don’t need on your website and then the next step is to hire a web developer and seek his assistance to tidy up your website.

#3 Provide Searching and Instruction Aid

Don’t let your targeted users do the guesswork. Provide them with step-by-step instructions on your website to go further and browse the pages more effectively. 

Providing a search bar will also be helpful, especially if you run an e-commerce website. Your potential buyers may lose their way to purchasing the products on your website in the absence of an intuitive & robust search bar. 

If you have an e-commerce store that doesn’t have a prominent search bar, engage an eCommerce developer to do this job for you. Believe me, the cost to hire a web developer is really worth it. 

#4 Device Friendly/Responsive Web Design

You might consider converting your website to mobile-friendly. Various studies show that a majority of searches made online are carried out using mobile phones

Getting a website developer that will assist you on how to make your website more mobile-friendly and competent should be your top priority.

What’s more. Having a responsive website will help you not only to serve your device users well, but it will also help your website to gain higher rankings on search engines like Google.

#5 Minimising The Web Design Cost

2019 is the time when you must expect higher standards of web design quality at affordable prices. But how you must achieveit?

Well, the key is to search for reliable web developers online, shortlist them and hire the most efficient & affordable one.

Now you don’t need to pay a hefty amount of money to build your website. The good news is that you can easily get a corporate website for as low as $1200 and an e-commerce website may cost you as low as $2800 only.

#6 Switch To WordPress

If your existing website is not developed using WordPress, you must consider switching it over.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms available on the planet today. 

It’s not just an effective way to build a website at a low cost, but a WordPress CMS will also enable you to manage the website yourself. 

Yes, by using WordPress for your website development, you can really take control of your website. This simply means that you won’t need the help of any web developer to make small changes to your website because you will be able to do them yourself. 

#7 SEO

SEO is going to become a powerful medium to get targeted traffic to your website. And when you have targeted users on your website, you get what? More sales, more conversions, and more leads. 

If you are thinking that SEO can be a troublesome affair for you, think about it again. 

By simply following a few best practices, as mentioned below, you can easily rank your website in higher positions in search engines:

a. Choose an SEO-friendly CMS platform such as WordPress.

b. Install SEO plugins on your WordPress.

c. Make sure your website is SEO-friendly. If you are not sure about this, you may consider hiring a web developer who could run a few tests and fix your website, if required, in order to make your website SEO-friendly.

d. Write informative content and post on your website regularly. 

e. Do research on your competitors and make a list of important keywords and focus around them to write the content on your website.

That’s it!

#8 Test, Test & Test

Users’ expectations are increasing day by day, especially when there is cut-throat competition. We are in the year 2019, where users are really looking for services & products from vendors who have robust & stable websites.

Before you launch your website, you must ensure to test it against all the possible odds & errors. For instance, check your website for the loading speed, broken links, missing images, quality of content, and all the technical processes such as form submissions, etc.  

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