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8 Major Reasons For You To Maintain Your E-Commerce Website

Having an e-commerce website alone is not enough, because website development is not a one-time thing

Just like your health, car & lawn, your website also demands regular maintenance.

Website maintenance becomes even more critical in case of e-commerce websites. 

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In the absence of regular maintenance, your e-commerce website may become unhealthy & prone to malicious codes, viruses and other types of attacks.

In this blog post, I am going to share 8 major reasons for you to maintain your e-commerce website.

Let’s dive in.

#1 Security

As mentioned already, regular maintenance helps to secure your e-commerce website from all possible attacks. 

When you hire web designers to maintain your store, they would regularly update the plugins & modules of your website to ensure that your website is always protected from all security threats.

When your e-commerce store is secured well, your users will be confident to buy from you. So, if you need more sales & customers, you do need to ensure that your e-commerce store is free from all the possible security threats. 

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#2 Updated Information

Personally, I hate the websites that have outdated or obsolete information or contents. For instance, when I see a website that still talks about the offer that has already ended few months ago, I assume that their webmasters are not paying attention to the freshness of their website’s content.

Google also loves to rank those website on top positions of search engines that have updated information. 

So, if you don’t want to disappoint your users and search engines, you must ensure that your website always have updated information. To achieve this, you must engage a website designer to maintain your e-commerce website. 

#3 New Features

Every now and then, you may need new features or sections on your website. Perhaps, you may need some modifications on some of the existing features of your website. 

In the absence of a valid web maintenance contract, you may need to hire a web developer each time, when you need new features on your website. It may cost you a lot and the worst thing is that you may not get the same web developer each time. 

For instance, if you want to add a new category of “best sellers” on your e-commerce store, you may need to engage an e-commerce developer to do this job. 

When you have a dedicated website designer at your service, you can easily assign him or her the required tasks to be done on your website. 

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#4 No Broken Links

Broken links are the links that open 404 (page not found). These broken links affect not only user-experience, but also the search engine rankings of your e-commerce website. 

Therefore, you have another important reason to hire a website designer for maintaining your website who can help you to fix all the broken links on your website. 

#5 SEO

When you engage a website developer to regularly maintain your website, your website will always have:

  • Optimized images
  • Optimized loading speed
  • No broken links
  • Fresh content
  • Secured webpages

Having all of the above benefits for your website will definitely improve your SEO rankings. In other words, if you need more traffic on your e-commerce website through SEO, you need to hire a website designer to take care of your website. 

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#6 Loading Speed

Loading speed can be affected badly due to several reasons mainly:

  • Outdated plugins or modules
  • Non-optimized images
  • Overload of specific scripts

Therefore, you definitely need a website designer at your service, when you face slow loading speed of your website. Because slow loading websites may affect the user-experience & SEO rankings of your website. 

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#7 Updated Images

Updating your website with lively & fresh images can give your visitors a reason to stay back on your website and browse more pages. Not only this, but it will make your website look attractive as well.

However, rotating or changing the images on any website may require some graphic skills which you, as a layman webmaster, may not possess. This is where website maintenance comes in.

You can easily assign your website designer the image designing work and request him to upload onto your server, when you engage him for your website maintenance.  

#8 Downtime Resolution

In the absence of ongoing website maintenance, you may need to hire a web developer separately and pay him hundreds of dollars in case of any critical issue on the website or the server. 

When you hire a website developer for maintaining your website, all of these minor yet critical issues can be taken care of, immediately & without any additional cost. 

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