8 Essential features of a construction or renovation company

construction or renovation business website development

If you are running a construction or renovation-related business, you must have a website. 

A website can help you not only to showcase your services and company details but can also help you to grow your revenue. But it’s very important for you to hire a web developer who knows how to create a profitable website for your company.

construction or renovation business website development

In this blog post, I have shared 8 essential features that your construction or renovation business website should have.

#1 Get a Quote

The “Get a Quote” section can be considered the backbone of your business website. 

If you are looking to receive more leads for your construction or renovation business, your website should have a “Get a Quote” section. This section can have a detailed form that your potential customers can fill out to share their requirements.

Your web developer can also integrate the “Get a Quote” form as a popup that can be displayed on your website after a few seconds when the users land on any webpage.

#2 Live Chat

The live chat feature on your construction or renovation website will allow your potential customers to contact you instantly and resolve their queries. Integrating a live chat feature on any website is not as complicated as it sounds. 

Especially, if you have a WordPress website, it will take just a few minutes for your website developer to install & configure a live chat feature.

A live chat feature on your website can help you in many ways such as below:

  • Your users can contact you instantly and resolve their queries.
  • You will understand your customer’s requirements in a better way.
  • Your users don’t need to email you or call you because they can simply discuss with you over the live chat feature.
  • You can access the live chat system on your mobile (through a mobile app) and talk to your potential customers on the go.

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#3 Services

The “Services” section allows you to share the list of services that you offer. For example, you may want to list down the services like plumbing, electrical, etc. if you run a construction business and if you have a renovation firm, then you may like to showcase your services such as tiling, painting, carpentry, etc.

Additionally, your website developer can also add an inquiry form with each product page so that you can get more leads from your website.

#4 Projects

Your past projects or works will always speak louder than your words. No matter how well you write about your services and about your company, if your potential customers can’t see your real work, they may not believe your words.

Perhaps, your web designer can create a page with an image gallery to showcase different projects and he can add multiple images under each project.

#5 List of clients

Boasting about your best customers can help you grab more business from new customers. 

So, adding a page to display the list of your existing clients would be a great idea to establish your business as trustworthy. The more customers you can showcase on your website, the better it would be.

#6 Responsive design

If you’re in the construction or renovation business, it’s important to make sure your website is responsive. This means that your site will adapt to different screen sizes and mobile devices so that visitors can view your content regardless of what device they’re using.

A responsive website design is a great way to ensure that your website looks great on any screen size and can help with both user experience as well as search engine optimization.

Although most web developers create only responsive websites, you must still ensure before you hire any developer to build your website.

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#7 CRM integration

Your web developer can also help you to integrate your website with a CRM to manage the customers. Your website can also be used as a CRM tool for your construction business.

Your site can store information about your customers such as their address, phone number, and email address, so if they need to contact you for any reason, you can easily access their information.

If you’re in the business of building, then the primary objective of your website should be to get more leads. If you’re not getting leads for your business, then you’re losing out on potential opportunities.

#8 Interactive design

It’s important to remember that the design of your website is crucial when it comes to retention rates. The best way to retain users is by making sure they’re spending as little time on your site as possible while still being able to find what they’re looking for.

While the most important part of your site is what’s on it, it’s also important that your website looks good. If your users feel like your site is boring and doesn’t reflect who you are as a business, then they’re going to bounce, which isn’t good for anyone.

It is, therefore, always recommended to hire only professional & experienced web developers who know the importance of creating an interactive website rather than just placing a few web pages together.

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