7 Ways to get more sales on ecommerce website with Facebook advertising

Merely eCommerce website development doesn’t do wonders for a business, we all know that.

In order to get more sales, you need to do aggressive (or I would say ‘smart’) marketing.

Facebook advertising is one of the smarter ways to promote an eCommerce business. As a matter of fact, hardly 20% of the businesses who spend their money on Facebook advertising, find  Facebook as profitable.

What exactly goes wrong?

Why most of the eCommerce businesses say that they don’t get enough results from Facebook advertising?

In this blog post, I am going to share 10 Facebook advertising hacks that will help you to get not only a targeted audience on your website but also more sales from them. In other words, by following these tips, you can easily convert visitors to your eCommerce store.

Let’s dive into these tips one by one.

Tip #1: Using Multi-Product Carousel

What exactly is a multi-product carousel? Using a carousel for your Facebook ads enables you to showcase multiple products for the same ad so that your targeted audience can scroll and view all the products.

How exactly a multi-product carousel help your Facebook advertising campaign to get high ROI for your eCommerce website?

a) High CTR: When your targeted audience sees multiple products in your advertisement, they tend to play around with it and scroll to view more.

b) Cross-Selling: When you showcase different products from the same category in one single advertisement using a multi-product carousel, it enables your potential customers to view related or similar products through a single ad.

Tip #2: Use your subscriber’s email date to advertise

If you have been running your eCommerce business for a while already, you must have a list of subscribers who wish to receive offers and promotions from your company.

Fortunately, Facebook allows you to upload your existing customers’ emails and target them exclusively.

How should you benefit from this feature?

You can use your subscribers list to promote your new/fresh arrivals. You can also advertise similar or related products to your existing customers. Since your existing customers already know about your brand, it would be much easier for you to pitch them more products.

Tip #3: Use Video

Tip #4: Use Facebook Offers

Tip #5: Use Custom Call-to-Action

Tip #6: Target Your Website Visitors

A person may not buy your products/services or send you leads at his first visit to your website but if he visits your website a couple of times, it is more likely that he will buy from you.

Facebook allows you to target your website visitors through a method known as retargeting or re-marketing.

What is Facebook remarketing or retargeting?

Tip #7: Play Around With Your Ads Background Color