7 Tweaks A Website Designer Can Make To Boost Your E-commerce Sales Fast

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Do you have an e-commerce website and looking for new ides or tips to boost your sales fast?

If yes, this blog post can help you to learn about few ideas that your website designer can implement on your e-commerce store & grow your sales.

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Here, I have shared 7 tweaks that your e-commerce website designer can do in order to grab more sales.

#1 Use Video Demonstrations

A video demonstration for each product will help the users to know the product usage well. 

In fact, according to many studies online, it has been proved that the customers tend to buy with confidence on those e-commerce websites, that use video demonstrations for their products. 

All you need to do is, ask your website designer to provide a provision for videos for each product listing on your website. 

A video demonstration can help you in many ways like: 

  • Engaging your users. 
  • Everybody loves videos. 
  • Educate your users on the usage of your products. 
  • Selling your products through video marketing channels like YouTube.

Of course, this strategy many not work with all the products. For instance, if you sell t-shirts, you can’t show your users how to wear it.

#2 Display Trust Symbols

One of the biggest hindrances among online buyers to purchase from an e-commerce website is the lack of trust. 

When people don’t trust your website, they don’t buy from you. It’s as simple as that.

Here are some of the ways in which your website designer can help you win the trust of your potential buyers:

  • Running the website on a secured layer (https instead of http).
  • Displaying trust symbols like VeriSign, Norton Secured etc.
  • Providing contact/support details on all the webpages. 

Before you place any such trust symbols on your website, do make sure that you really associate with those companies or comply their norms, else you could end up facing legal challenges.

#3 Offer More Discounts

This is a no-brain solution to get more sales fast. 

Offering more discounts will help encourage your users to buy from your online store. 

What’s more. 

You can also request your website designer to incorporate a “First order discount” module or plugin with your website so that all of the new users get a reason to buy from you.

#4 Be Creative On Mobiles

Various studies have shown that more than 40% of the online buyers use their handheld devices (phone, tablet etc.) to search and buy their desired products. 

So, if your website is not responsive, you may end up losing a huge share of sales.

Not only a responsive web design will get you more sales alone, you may have to be a bit creative with it too.

For instance, you can show a prominent & consistent “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button at the bottom of your product pages.

These buttons will not only help reminding the mobile users to buy the product they are looking at, they will also assure the users that buying these products is just a button away.

#5 Showcase Top Selling Items

Do you think that your have some products that can be sold easily or have huge demand? 

If yes, then it would be a great idea to list those products under “Top selling Items” on your homepage.

This section will grab the users attention and help you make more sales.

All that your website designer of developer need to do is, provide you with an option to select and move any product under the “Top Selling Items” list.

#6 Think About Existing Customers

If you have been running an e-commerce store for a while, you probably already know how important it is to get repeated customers to increase sales or get consistent sales.

But most of the e-commerce businesses try to focus on getting new customers and don’t really pay attention to get orders from the existing customer base.

In other words, if you want to get more sales instantly, retarget your customers.

You could retarget your past customers by:

  • Providing them discount coupons.
  • Introducing loyalty programs.
  • Sharing new products launch.
  • Asking them to refer your products to their friends and give them discounts.

#7 Creating A Sense Of Urgency

Showcasing a sense of urgency will push your potential buyers to make a quick decision to buy products from your e-commerce store.

The sense of urgency could be in the form of:

  • Discounted price until a set date.
  • Free shipping until a set date.
  • Buy One Get One until a set date.

Again, your e-commerce designer can integrate a real-time countdown to show remaining days/hours before the offer gets expired.

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