7 Tips to choose a WordPress theme for your website development

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With thousands of WordPress themes available today, which one you should choose for your website? Well, that’s a big question but in this post, I will be sharing a few great tips with you that will make your job quite easier.

Here are 7 tips you must follow before you choose any WordPress theme for your website.

#1 Think About Colors

Choosing appropriate colors are good not only for users’ experience but also helps in maintaining your brand consistency.

Perhaps you must think about your logo colors because you may want to choose the same colors for your website theme too.

#2 Think About Fonts

You must always consider those WordPress themes for your website that have readable fonts.

What are readable fonts?

  1. The fonts must not be too small to read.
  2. The fonts must have an appropriate font family which looks clear on all devices and systems.
  3. The font colors should be in the right contrast with the theme colors, making them stand out on the website.

#3 Test For Responsiveness

A responsive website design makes your website looks ultra-clear not only on PC but on mobiles and tablets too.

Having a responsive website is as essential as having a website in the very first place.

Before you choose a theme for your WordPress website, make sure to check it on all devices and if you are not sure about this, you can test the theme through various available responsiveness tools like https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly

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#4 Check For Loading Speed

What’s the point of having a great-looking website design that loads too slowly?

Various studies have shown that users tend to quit those websites immediately which take more than 5 seconds to load. What’s the learning here?  You must ensure that you choose a theme that takes 2-3 seconds to load completely on the browser.

Again, you can check the loading speed of a website with the help of online tools like https://tools.pingdom.com

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#5 Lookout For Last Updated Date

With every theme, you will see a ‘last updated’ date mentioned within their description. You must look out for this ‘last updated’ date because it shows how active the theme developer is & also it tells whether the theme codes are outdated or not.

You must prefer to choose a theme that’s been updated recently. If you see the “last updated” date as more than 6-8 months, you must stay away from it.

What are the major drawbacks of outdated themes:

  1. They still carry some unresolved bugs
  2. They become unsecured with the new changes in technologies

#6 List Out All The Features

This sounds pretty obvious but it’s fundamentally important to follow this tip. Unless you have listed down all the present and future needs of your website, you won’t be able to select a theme appropriately.

Having said this, once you have all the requirements with you, just look out for the best theme that can accommodate all of your specifications and then test it based on the above parameters.

#7 Always Prefer Paid Themes

This is perhaps the most important advice from me. Why should you go for a paid one instead of a free one?

Well, here are but some of the important reasons to buy a paid theme:

a. You get full support from the theme developer when you buy a paid WordPress theme.
b. When you buy a WordPress theme, you receive notifications from the developer whenever they make any changes or upgrade the theme to its latest version.

I hope this post has provided you with enough insights to help narrow down your theme selection process. If you’re learning how to build your website using WordPress, I am sure this information is really a “not to be missed” piece of advice.

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