7 Things to consider before & after developing a WordPress website

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While it’s true that with the help of a CMS tool like WordPress, it has become much easier than ever before to build a website. 

But at the same time, there are several things that must be considered before and after developing a website. 

wordpress designer singapore

In this blog post, I have shared some of the important things that you must consider before and after your website development. 

Before developing a WordPress website:​

#1 Signing up for a web hosting

Signing up for a web hosting is perhaps the first & foremost step toward building a successful WordPress website. 

A website hosting can either make or break you website. Therefore, you must consider well before signing up for a website hosting package. 

Here are few tips for you to choose a reliable yet affordable website hosting company


#2 Hiring a reliable WordPress developer

Once you have chosen any website hosting company, the next step is to shortlist & hire a website developer to build your website. 

Before hiring a WordPress developer, you must:

  • Check his past works.
  • Check his clients’ testimonials. 
  • Ensure that he or she understands your project and business well. 
  • Sign a contract.
  • Ensure that you will get free support for first few months. 

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#3 Selection of an appropriate theme

You must work with your WordPress developer to choose the best theme for your website. There are thousands of free & paid themes available that you can make use of. 

But again, here are few tips to consider while choosing a WordPress theme:

  • Ensure that your shortlisted theme is responsive (mobile-friendly).
  • Check out the loading speed. 
  • Lookout for the last updated date. 
  • Avoid free themes. 

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#4 Selection of reliable plugins

Similar to the WordPress themes, selection of plugins is equally important for any WordPress website development. 

Before choosing a plugin, you or your WordPress developer must consider that:

  • The plugin is really able to solve your purpose. 
  • The plugin developer provides prompt support. 
  • The last updated date of any plugin must not be too old. 
  • The existing users’ of this plugin are happy with it. 

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After developing a WordPress website:

#5 Testing

Before you give a go-ahead to your web developer to launch your website, do make sure to test your website properly

Here are but few important things to check before you launch your website:

  • Overall loading speed. 
  • Content rendering (fonts, layout etc.)
  • Cross-browser compatibility. 
  • Seamless flow of all the features. 
  • Broken links. 

#6 SEO-ability

The primary objective of building any website is to get relevant traffic & sales out of it. 

And when we talk about relevant traffic for any website, search engine optimization (SEO) ranks among top major mediums to achieve it. 

Fortunately, the basic architecture of WordPress websites is SEO-friendly. So, it becomes easier to rank  WordPress website on noticeable positions of search engines. 

After your WordPress website development is completed, you must make sure to have an SEO plugin in-place. One of the best SEO plugins for any WordPress website is SEO by Yoast

This plugin enables you to write keyword-oriented meta tags and contents. It can also help you to generate a sitemap for your website. There are several other SEO features that come handy with “SEO by Yoast” plugin. 

#7 Forms Testing

After your website is developed and launched, you must ensure that all the form submissions are working properly. In other words, all forms on your website are:

  • Validated for the respective input fields.
  • Able to send out the notifications to designated emails.
  • Visible on all the smart devices.

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