7 Items that you can manage on your WordPress website backend

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WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) on the web and for good reason. It’s free and extremely easy to use. 

One of the great things about WordPress is that it allows you to create your website yourself and manage your site on your own. 

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If you don’t have time or basic technical skills to create a website using WordPress, you can hire a web developer to do that however you can definitely manage your WordPress website on your own, without hiring any developer.

But the question is what are the things that you can manage on your WordPress website?

Well, there are several things, sections, or elements on your WordPress website that you can manage yourself but in this blog post, we have shared a few of them.

Let’s dive in!

#1 Webpages

You can easily manage the content of web pages of your site through the WordPress backend.

The WordPress backend is a place where you can manage the content of your web pages. 

You can update or delete existing pages, add new pages, and much more.

So now you don’t need to hire a website developer every time you want to add a new page to your WordPress website. You can manage it yourself. This also means that you will save on your website maintenance when you use WordPress for your website development.

#2 Blog posts

Similar to the pages of your website, the WordPress backend also allows you to add blog posts to your site. 

Yes, with the help of your WordPress backend, you can update or delete existing blog posts, add new posts, and much more. 

So, you don’t need to hire a website maker to add blog posts to your website.

This is perhaps one of the major reasons why most bloggers prefer to use WordPress to create & maintain their blogs.

Another benefit of using WordPress for blogging is that the architecture of WordPress CMS is loved by search engines. This simply means that it becomes easier for webmasters or bloggers to rank their websites on search engines like Google.

#3 Menus

The WordPress backend makes it super easy for you to manage the menus of your website. 

You can make changes to it at any time using the built-in menu editor.

If you want to add a new menu on your WordPress website, click on the “Appearance” link, then on “Menus”. 

You can easily add, edit, or remove any of the menu items from your navigation bar with just a few clicks. To add a menu, click the “Add Menu” button and then fill in the title and description for your menu. When you’re done, click “Save Menu“.

Earlier (before the evolution of CMS platforms like WordPress), managing the menu navigation of the website was not so easy and one had to hire a website developer to add, edit, or delete menus from all the webpages.

#4 Plugins

If you want to add a new feature to your WordPress website, you can simply install a plugin. 

There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress and they are easy to install.

If you want to add plugins to your WordPress website, it’s really easy to do. You just need to log in to your WordPress dashboard and then click on “plugins” in the left-hand menu. 

Once you’re on the plugins page, you can click on “Add new” at the top of the page. WordPress plugins are super easy to install. Simply click on the “Plugins” menu item on your WordPress dashboard and then search for the plugin you want to install. Once you find one, just click on the “Activate” link and you’re done.

However, if you need any customizations to the plugins, you need to hire a professional WordPress developer to do this job for you.

#5 Themes

You can use the WordPress backend to customize a lot of different aspects of your website. You can change the look of your site by installing a new theme.

There are thousands of free and paid themes to choose from, and you can install them with just a few clicks.

But to make major changes to your website, you will need to hire a WordPress developer. They can help you with custom designs and coding.

#6 Media

The media section of your WordPress website stores all the images, audio, and videos that appear on your website. 

Using your WordPress website backend, you can easily upload images and other media files to your website without hiring a website developer.

The easy-to-use interface of the WordPress backend allows even laymen to upload the images to the website conveniently & hassle-free.

#7 Widgets

A widget is a little piece of code that you can add to your website. Widgets can be used for many different things, but the most common thing people use them for is to display content from other websites on your own website.

These widgets can be used to display categories, archives, social media feeds, and much more. The widget of WordPress can be managed from the backend of WordPress. 

In order to manage the widget, go to Appearance -> Widgets. Click on the widget you want to edit and then click on configure.

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