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7 Essential Elements of a WordPress Web Development Quote

Do you need a website? Are you looking for WordPress web development services and have been already seeking web design quotes

Responsive WordPress Web Design

While WordPress has made it quite affordable to build a website, it must be ensured that apart from the web design cost, you must also look over a few other important elements in the web development quote provided by your web developer. 

This blog post will help you to learn about 7 essential elements that your web design quotation must have.

#1 Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design seems to be a basic and mandatory requirement of WordPress website development however surprisingly there are still many web developers or companies that don’t take care of the responsiveness of the websites.

So you must ensure that your WordPress web designer has mentioned in the website proposal specifically that he/she will provide you with a responsive website.

#2 Assistance to Upload Content

Although a CMS website can enable you to manage the content yourself, you may need your web developer’s help initially to upload all the content in order to launch your website.

If you have a lot of content to put on the website and you really want your web developer to assist you in uploading, just make sure that your website developer has already mentioned this service in his web development quote.

#3 Assistance To Deploy The Website

Although it’s quite obvious for all the web developers to deploy their clients’ websites on their respective live servers, a few clients of mine have complained that their previous web developers used to charge an additional amount of money to deploy their websites.

So before you hire a WordPress developer and proceed with your website development, just make sure that his proposal contains a clause about website deployment too.

#4 Web Design Service Warranty

Has your web designer mentioned the post-launch warranty period in his web design quote? If not, do make sure to have this added.

It’s quite normal that after you launch your website, you may experience some minor bugs or issues on the website that you may have ignored or overlooked previously. Therefore you must be able to approach your web developer and get that issue resolved.

Again, there are a few WordPress developers who would charge additionally even if you report minor bugs to them after a few weeks of launch.

Therefore, you must ensure that your WordPress web development quotation has a warranty period clearly mentioned.

For example, in my web design quote, I always include a warranty period of 6 months.

#5 Hourly Web Development Charges

Since website development is not a one-time job. It’s a process. You must improve and enhance your website regularly in order to serve your potential customers in a better way and outrank the competition too.

How much your web developer will charge to develop new features on your website? Be sure to ask him to add his/her hourly charges to their web design quote.

#6 Inclusion of CMS

A CMS (Content Management System) enables you to manage the content on your website without the help of any web developer. In other words, CMS helps you to save money and time by doing minor changes on your website yourself rather than hiring & paying your web developer each time you have new things to do.

Most web developers prefer to build websites using CMS only, but still, you must ensure that their web development proposal has mentioning of CMS platform like WordPress.

#7 SEO Plugin/Modules

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is equally important as the website’s existence especially if you expect to grow your revenue through your business website. Because unless your website has targeted visitors, you can’t expect to get business through your website.

When it comes to getting targeted visitors on any website, SEO is always one of the best options to achieve this. Therefore, you must ensure that your web design quotation includes the installation of an SEO plugin on your website.

Not only the plugin but your web development proposal must also state that your website will have SEO-friendly codes and URLs.

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