7 Creative ways for you to use a popup on your e-commerce website

popup ecommerce website development

A truly engaging website will always be able to grab the attention of its users.

Especially, if you have an e-commerce store, it’s even more important than anything else for you to grab the attention of your online shoppers to get more sales & conversions. 

But the question is “How can you attract the online shoppers and encourage them to take any action on your e-commerce store?“.

Using a popup with your e-commerce website is perhaps one of the efficient yet cost-effective ways to grab the attention of your potential buyers. 

popup ecommerce website development

Below are some of the major benefits of using a popup:

  • A popup can help you to sell more. 
  • You can grow your email list with the help of a popup. 
  • A popup can enhance the user experience of your website. 
  • Your website’s bounce rate may get lower when you use a popup.

In this blog post, I have shared 7 creative ways for you to use a popup on your e-commerce store.

Let’s dive in. 

#1 Promote free shipping

Believe it or not, shipping is among the major factors that determine whether a user will place their order with your website or not. 

If your shipping charges are too high, your online shoppers may not be interested to buy from you. 

On the other hand, the users are more interested to buy from those e-commerce stores that offer free shipping. 

If you also offer free shipping or low-cost shipping, you can inform your users with the help of a popup. In other words, you can leverage a popup to let your shoppers know that you are offering free shipping for all the orders.  

#2 Share discount code

If you are offering some discounts on your e-commerce website, you can share it as well through a popup. 

Here are a few things that your web developer needs to take care of while showing a popup with a discount code:

  • The popup with a discount code must appear at least after 8-10 seconds when the users enter your website. 
  • The popup must allow users to click the button or link and add the discount code to their cart automatically. 
  • It’s good to show the discount code to your users only after they have shown an interest in your products. So, your web designer can show the popup after the users add any product to their cart. 
  • The popup must be responsive and should easily be visible on all kinds of mobile devices and tablets. 

#3 Build your email list

Another best usage of a popup on your e-commerce store is to build your email list

Yes, you can, with the assistance of your website developer, integrate a form on the popup for the users to submit their details. 

Although it’s difficult to convince the users to fill the form, there are several methods to achieve this. 

Below are some of the tips to encourage your visitors to submit their details:

  • You can assure them of a discount coupon if they leave their details on your website. 
  • You can ask them to subscribe to your newsletters so that they can receive regular promotional offers & discounts in their inbox. 
  • Inviting your users for a random lucky draw is a proven & tested method to encourage your visitors to submit their details. 

#4 Show important links

Not all online shoppers are the same. It may be easier for some of your website users to browse the webpages seamlessly however some of your users may need some guidance.

You can leverage a popup to showcase different links to the important pages of your online store. 

For example, if you sell fashion products & accessories for both men and women, you can put together 3 buttons on your popup such as ‘For men’, ‘For women’, and ‘For Sale’ so that it becomes easier for all the novice users to click & go to their desired page(s).

#5 Intent exit

Have you ever been to a website where you see a popup at the time when you try to leave that website? I am sure you did. It’s known as an intent exit popup.

You can also ask your website developer to integrate an intent exit popup wherein you can offer some discounts or free offers for all those users who didn’t buy anything from you yet and trying to close the browser/tab. 

This type of intent exit popup can help you to reduce the order abandonment rate of your online store by offering your users some powerful incentives to purchase.

#6 Contests

Runnings contests are one of the best & effective ways to generate leads and sales on your e-commerce website.

Contests can also give you a competitive advantage because not all sellers or e-commerce businesses run contests.  You can also build a community of engaged buyers by running contests regularly on your website. 

You can use a popup to present the contest that you are running with a button “Enter to Win” or “Participate Now” so that the users can directly go to the contest page.  

#7 Festive offers

Is Christmas around the corner and you are looking for some effective ways to grab more sales this season? Get a popup installed with your e-commerce store. 

With the help of a popup, you can offer different promotions to your intended customers to increase sales on your website.


The best part with the popups is, that you can enable or disable them anytime you wish to. You don’t need to hire a web developer to do that. 

You may need the help of your e-commerce developer initially to build the popup functionality on your website, but later you can manage it yourself. 

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