6 WordPress Plugins To Supercharge Business Websites

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Do you have a WordPress website for your business or intend to build one?

Here are 6 great WordPress plugins to supercharge your business website.

#1 Yoast SEO

SEO Yoast WordPress Plugin

One of the primary objectives to build any website is to get traffic on it and ultimately grab more business. And when it comes to traffic, SEO is perhaps the most effective yet affordable solution.

Fortunately, when you use WordPress for your website development, you don’t need to worry about SEO. There are plenty of great SEO plugins available to use with any website. One of those best plugins is “Yoast SEO”.

Yoast SEO can help you to improve your on-page SEO.

Here are but some of the major features of Yoast SEO:

  • Adding meta tags to all the webpages.
  • Generating sitemaps.
  • Integrating your website with Google Search Console
  • Social media optimization
  • Redirection (404 to 301) to avoid broken links issue on your website.

#2 Sucuri

sucuri for wordpress web design

The security of any website must be considered on the top priority basis.

Why Sucuri?

Sucuri offers a WordPress security plugin that you can use for your website’s protection.

How Sucuri can help you?

Sucuri can help your website to protect from:

  • DDoS
  • Malware threats
  • XSS attacks
  • Brute force attacks

So, if you have a WordPress website for your business, you must consider using Sucuri plugin.

This plugin also offers setting up of firewall onto your web server. If you are not sure how to set it up, you can hire a website developer who can do this job for you in few hours.

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#3 UpdraftPlus

updraftplus plugin ecommerce website design singapore

No matter how secure your website, you do need to have a proper backup plan in place.

UpdraftPlus is one of the best & most popular WordPress backup plugins available in the market.

How UpdraftPlus plugin helps?

This plugin allows you to set up automatic backups

Not only this, you can also store these backups on a remote location like Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP etc. It also helps you to restore your website within few minutes, when required.

#4 WP Rocket

wp rocket wordpress website plugin

If you have a WordPress website that loads too slow, WP Rocket can help you. Its a caching plugin that can improve the loading speed of your website, almost instantly.

How WP Rocket improves the loading speed?

When you install WP Rocket on your WordPress website, it automatically turns on recommended WordPress caching settings like gzip compression, page cache, and cache pre-loading

Other than these basic feature, you can also enable features like lazy loading images, minification etc. to improve the loading speed.

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#5 Elementor

elementor wordpress elementor website maintenance

When it comes to visual builders for a WordPress website, Elementor is one of the best options.

Here are but some of the major benefits of a visual builder:

  • You can create beautiful webpages within few minutes or few hours, without seeking help of any website designer.
  • There are lots of templates available with visual builders that you can use.
  • Most of the visual builders come with responsive templates.

Why Elementor?

  • You can customize the layout of your webpages easily & hassle free, without any coding skills.
  • Content & content positioning becomes easier to manage when you use Elementor for your WordPress website.
  • You can save any webpage design as a template and reuse it for different pages.
  • Elementor comes with several free & paid pre-defined templates that you can insert on your webpage, in just one click.

#6 Live Chat

web design Singapore

Make your business website look more professional by integrating a live chat plugin.

“Live Chat” plugin helps your visitors to ask questions or queries that they may have while browsing your website. With this kind of prompt & professional support, you are likely to get more business.

Why “Live Chat”?

  • Live Chat comes with easy-to-integrate process.
  • Live Chat comes with a mobile app too, so that you can install it on your phone and chat with your visitors on-the-go.

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