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6 Ways A Web Developer Can Help To Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

If you are planning to create an e-commerce website this year or looking for different ways to boost the sales of your existing e-commerce store, this blog post can help you.

grow ecommerce sales

Here, I have shared 6 different ways in which a website developer can help you to enhance your website to get more sales from the same amount of traffic.

#1 Opimizing the website's loading speed

One of the best things that a website developer can do to your e-commerce store is optimizing its loading speed. Various studies have shown that each second that’s optimized for loading speed can boost your sales by 5-7%.

What does this mean?

This simply means that loading speed is one of the important factors that’s responsible for growing e-commerce sales of any business.

#2 Helping in remarketing campaigns

Without effective marketing & advertising strategies, you can’t get much traffic to your website. And when you don’t have enough traffic on your website, you hardly get any sale. 

Talking about effective advertising strategies, remarketing has become one of the favourite methodologies of every marketer to recapture the same audience and get more business out of them.

How a web developer can help?

Your website developer can help you or your marketer to integrate necessary trackers or scripts that are required for advertising platforms like Facebook and Google to create various audience funnels.

#3 Building landing pages

A landing page is no more a new concept for webmasters & advertisers.

Landing pages are created for the intended audience to browse through the targeted product information or product details on a single or few pages only. 

In other words, instead of having your audience go through all the pages of your website, they just see one or 2 webpages that are created for them only.

A web designer can help you to create different landing pages which you can test with your marketing & advertising campaigns and determine their efficiency. This is also known as A/B landing page testing.

#4 Optimizing the website for mobiles

More than 50% of the users who are looking out for their desired products or services, come through mobiles. Therefore, it does make sense for you to have a responsive e-commerce store.

A website developer can help you to build your e-commerce store with a responsive layout or he can fix your existing website if it’s not responsive yet.

Having a responsive website can boost your sales in 2 ways:

  • It can help to enhance the user-experience. 
  • It will help your website to secure higher rankings on search engines & get more traffic. 

#5 Recovering abandoned shopping carts

There can be many reasons of high order abandonment rate on any e-commerce store. It could be because of high shipping charges, slow loading speed, lack of security measures etc.

Whatever the reason, a website developer can help you to recover those abandoned shopping carts by sending them emails on a regular basis with different messages each time.

Fortunately, if your online store has been developed using WordPress, there are lots of plugins available to recover abandoned shopping carts. 

These plugins also enable you to customize the messages for each of the emails that will be sent out to your customers in order to complete their orders.

#6 Integrating social media

Having an option for the users to share your products on their social media platforms can also help you to boost your overall sales. Because when they do so, your webpage gets more exposure, thereby increasing the chances of getting more orders.

Your website developer can integrate social media widgets on all the product pages of your website to achieve this.

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