6 things people could hate about your website design

When you hire a web design company to build your website and invest a handsome amount in it, you would definitely want to grow your business.

But what if your website has some features or rather I say drawbacks that users would hate to see or avoid coming back to your website again because of those features?

This is quite a horrible imagination but it’s a fact that users can really hate your website if…

Well below are a few points that you must make sure that your website must not have.


#1 Popup Ads

A popup ad really sucks when it appears on the web pages without any need to show them. I understand that businesses want to promote their products & services through these popups but it should not be at the cost of a user’s frustration. Not only this, the users tend to quit this kind of website if these ads are being shown on every page.

A professional website developer would always advise you to avoid annoying popups.

#2 Incomplete ‘Contact Us’ Information

A user would always expect to see complete contact details of a business on their website’s ‘contact us’ page however when they click on the contact link and see only a form without any business address or phone number, they lose trust in the business. Therefore, you must make sure that your contact information should have all the ways of contacting you.

#3 Auto-Play Music & Video

You must have come across many websites that start playing music when you visit their homepage or landing page and that too without your intention to listen to it. Without considering that you may be working at your workplace while surfing their website, some webmasters would still impose auto-played music or videos which is definitely something their visitors hate. Using audio or video files on a website is great, but the webpage should play them at the users’ will. You can ask your website designer to use a script that will show the screenshot of the video or audio but it will play only when the user will click on it.

#4 Keywords Infused Content

With an intention to rank their websites on the top pages of search engines, some webmasters would infuse their content with repeated keywords which of course doesn’t look professional and the users lose interest in reading their complete information. Writing the content for a website considering search engines is a good idea but we should never forget the user’s interests as well.

#5 Slow Loading Speed

I have already mentioned this point in many of my previous blog posts that a website’s loading speed is very crucial for its success but it’s also one of the reasons that irritate the users when they try to view information on your web pages. If you find this issue with your website, you must consult your web designer immediately to fix up the problem.

Therefore, it’s always recommended to hire an experienced website developer only because they would understand the importance of a website’s loading speed.

#6 Unexpected Redirects

Imagine a scenario where you clicked a link on a website that says ‘read more’ however it took you to an inquiry form page. For sure, the users would hate these kinds of unexpected redirects because their expectation was completely different from what the webpage had shown them. For eg. in the above example, when you clicked on ‘read more’ link, you expected to see a page where you could read more details about the company’s business but you were sent to a page that ask you to fill out a form.