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6 Reasons Why Joe May Not Buy From Your Website

Who is Joe?

Well, Joe is an anonymous person who has been looking for some products or services and he chance to land upon your website. In other words, Joe could be your potential customer and can become your customer too.

But wait, before Joe can buy any product or service from your website, he must be convinced to buy from you.

In this blog post, we will not talk about the qualities of a website. Instead we will talk about the issues that could be on your website which may lead Joe to lookout for another vendor or seller, and not you.

So, here are 6 reasons Joe may not buy from your website.

#1 Lack of Responsiveness

Joe is currently using his hand-phone to browse your website. But here’s what he finds.

He will always need to zoom-in the screen in order to see the tiny texts on your website which of course, is troublesome for him.

Next what? You got it right. If Joe can’t see the information on your website using his mobile device, he can’t view your products clearly, let alone buying them.

Lesson: Make sure that your have responsive ecommerce website design and it renders well on all the hand-held devices. If you find that your website doesn’t look good on phones, contact your web designer to get this fixed immediately. According to the various studies, ecommerce websites get more sales from social networking websites and we all know that social websites have higher accessibility of mobile users as compared to the desktop ones.

#2 Lack of Prominent Contact Details

Let’s assume that Joe managed to see the contents of your website and he is sort of convinced to buy from you. But wait, because he has some questions to be sorted out before he can buy from you.

Now he is looking for your phone number so that he can call and clarify his doubts. Unfortunately, he is not able to see your contact details on your services or products page.

Next he decided to click contact us link and view your phone number. When he opened the contact page using his mobile phone, he noticed that he will have to zoom-in again to see the tiny text. Not only zoom-in, but he may need to scroll the screen in left or right direction to see the contact number.

Unfortunately, he decided to quit.

Lesson: Do ensure that your online store has your contact details on the header of footer of all the webpages. If you look around, most of the ecommerce website designs are being built in this fashion only.

#3 Slow Loading Speed

This time let’s assume that you sell online and Joe really wanted to buy products from your ecommerce store but as he clicked the button “View Cart”, it’s taking much time to load the next page. Anyway he managed to reach the cart page and now he wants to checkout and buy from you.

Guess what. It’s taking forever to load the checkout page. Now Joe is a bit frustrated because he has several tasks to do after he make the purchase.

What Joe will do now? What you would have done if you were Joe?

You got it right, he quit and started searching for a new seller.

Lesson: Test your ecommerce website on different tools to observe its loading speed. If you find that your ecommerce store take more than 4-5 seconds, contact your ecommerce web developer and get this fixed immediately.

#4 Lack of Security

This time, let’s assume that everything was perfect on your website. Joe has successfully reached the checkout page and started creating an account with your website.

But here’s what he noticed. The website doesn’t have a secured layer (https://) which makes Joe worried that his confidential information may be leaked out which processing the forms.

He immediately decides not to buy anything from your website. Not only this, but he also decides not to come back again to your website.

Lesson: Do ensure that your ecommerce website is hosted on a secured layer and it also has trust seals displayed on it.

#5 Lack of Videos

Joe could have been interested to buy your products but the problem was that he wasn’t really getting a clear sense of your product.

How your product will look like when actually Joe will receive it. He wasn’t sure about this.

Especially if your product is inexpensive and it is unique, it becomes important for a customer to have a clear 360 degree look of it before they could buy. Perhaps a video could have helped. Isn’t it?

Lesson: Yes, you got it right. Having video for each of your products could help customers take their decisions easily and quickly. Agreed that its a bit expensive affair, but it does pay well.

#6 Lengthy Checkout Process

Let’s assume that Joe made up his mind to buy your product and all seems good to him but things go wrong when he observe that he may need to pass through multiple steps before he could finally pay and buy your product.

As a matter of chance, at the same time, Joe had to leave for his office and he didn’t have much time and patience to go through multi-steps checkout form. What he is supposed to do? What you would do? He did same. He quit.

Lesson: Make sure that the checkout process of your website is sweat and simple. Don’t make it too complicated that your potential buyers find it annoying.

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