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6 Qualities to check in your e-commerce website design provider in Singapore

Are you looking for e-commerce website design services in Singapore but not sure which web design agency or website developer should you hire?

This blog post can help you!

6 Qualities to check in your e-commerce web design provider in Singapore

Here, you will read why your e-commerce developer should have:

Although you can find a lot of options to hire e-commerce designers in Singapore, you need to be careful while choosing one for your online store development.

There are a few important qualities that your e-commerce web design provider should have and in this blog post, I have shared 6 such qualities for you to consider. 

Let’s dive in!

#1 E-commerce portfolio

The first thing that you need to check before you hire an e-commerce developer is his portfolio.

Yes, you must make sure to check the past works of your shortlisted developer.

Why you should check the portfolio of your developer:

  • You get to know about the quality of work of your developer.
  • It ensures that your developer has handled different kinds of e-commerce websites.
  • If the past works of your shortlisted e-commerce developer don’t match your expectations, you can start looking out for another option. 

It may take some time for you to go through the past works of each developer that you shortlist for your website development, but this process with definitely help you to avoid any kind of chaos and disagreements in the future. 

#2 Affordability

There is no fixed price or rate slab that all the Singapore website developers follow. 

If you contact 3 developers to seek a website development quote from them, you will definitely get a wide range of cost variation.

For instance, if you seek a quotation from 3 or 4 different eCommerce web design vendors, some of them may charge you as low as $3000 while others may quote you more than $10000.

Being a startup or a small business in Singapore, you may not want to spend a huge amount of money on your e-commerce website development.

Moreover, the website development doesn’t end when you launch your site. You may have to keep adding new features to your website as your business grows.

Therefore, you must check out the affordability of your website developer. 

Hiring an affordable Singapore website developer will help you to accommodate more and more features to your website within the budget only. 

#3 Experience

The experience of your e-commerce website provider really matters a lot. 

Of course, you can easily find an affordable website developer in Singapore who may have experience of 1-2 years in website development, but when it comes to the delivery of a profitable e-commerce website, only experienced developers can do it. 

Why experience is so important to have for your e-commerce website vendor?

  • To create impressive UI designs for your website. 
  • To suggest appropriate plugins, web hosting providers, etc. 
  • To handle any kind of 3rd party integration jobs.
  • To protect your online store from different types of security threats. 
  • To take care of the responsiveness of your e-commerce store.  
  • To complete your website development on time. 
  • To test & fix all the possible bugs on your website. 

#4 SEO knowledge

The primary objective to create an e-commerce website is to get more sales & customers for the business. 

SEO is one of the best mediums to grow your business because it enables your website to be noticeable on prominent positions of search engines.

There are many activities that need to be done to optimize a website for search engines. 

But it all (SEO) starts from the website. 

Yes, to rank your website on search engines and get quality traffic, you need an SEO-friendly website that complies with all the required SEO norms.

Therefore, you must hire only those e-commerce developers who know how to build an SEO-friendly online store.

How can a website developer make any website SEO-friendly?

  • By installing necessary SEO Plugin(s).
  • By ensuring the optimized loading speed of your webpages. 
  • By adding a provision for you to write unique title and meta description for each page of your website. 
  • By assisting you to create sitemap.xml and robots.txt files. 
  • By placing header tags such as H1, H2, etc. on all the important pages. 
  • By adding alt text for all the images of your website. 
  • By interlinking among pages of your website. 

#5 Coding skills

It’s true that there are several options for you and your website developer to choose a CMS such as WordPress and build a fully-functional store efficiently & cost-effectively.

But, to build a robust e-commerce website, your developer can’t just install the plugins & theme and make the website working. 

He or she must also have the required coding skills to customize your website in order to match your business requirements. 

Why it’s necessary for your e-commerce web design vendor to have coding skills?

  • To customize the plugins or modules, when required. 
  • To customize the theme of your website, if required. 
  • To make or create the plugins or modules from the scratch according to your specific needs. 

Therefore, when you hire an eCommerce website provider, do make sure to check that he possesses the required coding skills to make necessary customizations. 

#6 Long-term association

The e-commerce website development is not a one-time event. 

You have to upgrade your website or add new features to it from time to time. 

Is your e-commerce website developer able to work with you in the long-run?

I’ve had many clients & prospects who wanted us to take over their website development just because their previous developers were not reachable. And in most of the cases, we had to redesign their websites.

Don’t let this happen to you. 

When you hire a web developer, make sure to check their support & long-term availability from their existing customers. 

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