6 Myths About WordPress Debunked By WordPress Designer Singapore

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For more than a decade, WordPress has been used as a preferred CMS to build all kinds of websites.

But still, there are many myths about WordPress that it’s not a robust platform to build complicated websites like e-commerce stores, web portals and so on.

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In this blog, I have shared 6 such common myths, debunked.

Let’s begin.

#1 WordPress Is Insecure

This is the most common myth of all time that I keep hearing when I meet my clients and advise them to choose WordPress for their website development. They would show their reluctance by saying “Is WordPress really secure? We’ve heard many cases of website hacking and infections“.

My answer is always same for these kind of questions.

WordPress is secure at core.

But when the developers use several plugins and themes, some of those plugin(s) may affect the security of the website badly. However, there are few more reasons for a WordPress website to become insecure, such as:

  • Lack of regular up-gradation of plugins & themes
  • Lack of strong passwords
  • Lack of permissions for critical files

It is therefore, always recommended to hire an experienced WordPress designer who knows not only website development, but also how to secure them as well.

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#2 WordPress Is Just A Blogging Platform

Many people still think that WordPress can be used only to create blogs, not websites. That’s not true at all.

We’ve helped hundreds of small & medium sized businesses to build successful websites using WordPress CMS. 

Be it an e-commerce website or any complex web portal, WordPress can handle them all.

Also, when it comes to blogging, WordPress is still #1 choice for all the bloggers because: 

  • WordPress blogs are easy-to-maintain.
  • WordPress blogs are loved by search engines like Google.
  • WordPress blogs are easy to market.

#3 WordPress Is Not Suitable For E-Commerce Web Design

Most of the entrepreneurs are still reluctant to use WordPress for their e-commerce website development. 

They simply have a misconception that WordPress is not at all suitable for e-commerce websites.

Again, its a myth.

With several great e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce, WordPress can be used to build any kind of online store. 

What’s more. 

There are also many useful marketing plugins available for WooCommerce websites to expand the reach of your e-commerce store.

The best part is WordPress is easy to setup and use as an online store. In fact, most of the bespoke CMS platforms built specifically for e-commerce can’t compete with WordPress. Isn’t it funny?

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#4 WordPress Is Not Scalable

Many of my customers ask me questions like “What will happen when I have more traffic on my website?” 

What will happen when I would want to incorporate more complex features to my website in future?“. 

Can WordPress handle them?“.

The answer is ‘Yes’.

You can scale-up your website anytime you wish to. 

You can simply hire a WordPress developer and incorporate more features to your website. Be it any theme or plugin, an experienced website developer can easily customize or even create a WordPress plugin as and when required.

#5 WordPress Plugins Are Not Reliable

When a website designer creates your website using WordPress, he or she may use several plugins to incorporate required features. 

Some of these plugin(s) may not be reliable and may affect your entire website. But this doesn’t mean that all of the WordPress plugins are dodgy.

It’s up to your WordPress developer, which plugin he or she chooses. 

Here are but few ways to ensure the reliability of a WordPress plugin:

  • Check out the Change-log (last updated date must not be too old)
  • Check out for the support
  • Check out for the reputation of the Plugin Developer
  • Check out for the reviews & testimonials of the existing users

#6 WordPress Makes A Website Slow

This is another myth among many website owners that “WordPress websites take too long to load“.

Its’ not true. 

Again, it depends on the website developer how he or she has configured the website and what kind of plugins have been used. 

Other than the basic configuration and plugins usage, below are few more factors that affect the loading speed of a WordPress website:

  • Website hosting server
  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Optimization of images and other scripts, such as css & js
  • Usage of cache plugin

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