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6 Major Differences Between A Website Designer & A Website Developer

Do you need a website and wondering whom you shall hire; a website designer or a website developer?

Perhaps you may not be sure about the roles & responsibilities of a website designer or a website developer in creating a website.

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No worries. In this blog, I have shared 6 major differences between a website designer & developer, in terms of a website development.

Let’s get started!

#1 In Terms Of Website Design

As the name suggests, the design of any website is the complete responsibility of a website designer. 

A website designer is responsible to create a web layout and define its several aspects like colors, structure, fonts etc. 

The responsibility of a website developer, however, is limited to making sure that the design stays same, as defined by the designer, after the necessary coding has been done. 

#2 In Terms Programming Or Coding

When it comes to the website coding or programming, a website developer is the one who will take care of it. 

Right from the selection of a web development platform/CMS, installing & customizing plugins or modules to the refinement of codes to ensure that the website features & design elements are intact, a website developer will always be at work.

Usually, web designers are not much proficient in website coding and programming.

#3 In Terms Of User Experience

When it comes to the user-experience of a website, the web designer has a lot to do with it. 

Yes, a website designer is the one who can be held responsible to enhance the user-experience of any website. 

If you think that you existing website has all the required features but it lacks the user-experience, you can hire a web designer to fix this issue. 

A website developer, in association with a website designer, can also improve the user-experience of a website however its not the sole responsibility of a website developer to provide a great user-experience. 

#4 In Terms Of Website Backend

A website backend allows the website owner or webmaster to make changes on the website. To develop or customize the backend of any website, website developer can be held responsible. 

Since customization of backend involves intense coding and programming, usually website designers stay away from it.

So, if there is anything in your website backend that you don’t like or wish to enhance, you must hire a web developer to do this job for you.

#5 In Terms Of Cost

Let’s talk about the cost. 

Usually, hiring a website designer may be lesser expensive than engaging a web developer

One of the reasons of high charges of a website developer as compared to a website designer is that the website development takes more time than just designing it.

Especially when you hire a website developer to build an e-commerce website or a web portal with tons of features, it may take few weeks or even months for any website developer to complete it. 

Therefore, the charges to hire a website developer is usually higher than the web designers. 

#6 In Terms Of Branding

Talking about branding of a website, it’s the sole responsibility of a web designer to maintain it and ensure that it’s aligned with the business identity.

Therefore, you must hire only professional & experienced website designers to make sure that your website and business, both convey the same message. 


Below are the skillsets of both website designer and developer.

A Web Designer Can Do:

A Web Developer Can Do:

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