6 Ideas to enhance the user egagement on your business website

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If you have a business website & looking for different ways to get more sales & conversions online, you must focus on enhancing the user engagement of your website. 

Yes, user engagement is a vital indicator that determines the success of your website. No matter how much traffic you get on your website, it won’t do much good to you if you’re not able to engage your visitors and encourage them to perform the desired action.

But the question is “How can I engage the users with my website?” or “How can I enhance the user engagement on my website”?.

Well, in this blog post, I have shared 6 ideas for you to make your business website engaging and get the most out of it. 

#1 Internal linking

Interlinking your webpages with each other will help your audience to browse your website effectively & seamlessly.

Other than the benefit of better user engagement, internal linking also helps your website in its search engine optimization.

With a perfect internal linking structure, the search engine crawlers can index more webpages on your website.

But before you link your webpages internally, here are some tips for you or your website developer to follow in order to get the most out of internal linking:

  • All the linking must be logical. It shouldn’t be done just for the sake of linking.
  • You must use an anchor tag with each word or keyword that you link to other pages.
  • You shouldn’t stuff the content with too many links. Too many links on a webpage may look like spam to your users.

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#2 Optimized loading speed

No matter how much traffic you get on your website or how good the interlinking structure of your webpages is, if your website’s loading speed sucks, it will still affect the user engagement on your site.

Have you ever experienced that you open up a website on your browser and it keeps loading forever? As a result, after waiting for a couple of seconds you decide to quit. I am sure you did.

Don’t let this happen to your users.

Your website’s loading speed is directly associated with its user engagement. 

To get the users engaged with your website, you do need to take care of the loading speed.

If your website loads slow, you must seek the assistance of a web designer and get it fixed.

How your web developer can fix the loading speed of your website?

  • By minifying the CSS & JS codes.
  • By installing a cache plugin on your website.
  • By deleting the unnecessary files or images from your website.
  • By ensuring that your website is not affected by any malicious codes.
  • By upgrading all the required software, plugins, or themes of your website.
  • By moving your website to a better website host.

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#3 Related content

Showing the related content section on your webpages can also increase the user engagement rate on your website. 

How does the related content section works?

Let’s take an example here. You have a blog on your website and you keep posting useful content under different categories of your blog regularly. On each blog post, your website developer can show a ‘Related content’ block that will have a list of other blog posts within the same category. 

When your users see that your website has more blog posts that are similar to what they are reading now, they tend to click those links and read them as well. 

As a result,  your website gets a lower bounce rate and a high user engagement rate. 

Fortunately, if you have used WordPress to build your website, you can easily install & configure a plugin within a few minutes and start displaying the related content. 

#4 Easy navigation

The navigation of a website is very important for the users’ browsing experience.

If a website has a complicated navigation system, it may face a high bounce rate because the users may quit the website immediately. 

Don’t let this happen to you.

Do make sure that your website has easy-to-use navigation so that the users can easily find the information that they have been looking for. 

Additionally, you also need to take care of the navigation of your mobile website so that mobile users can also find the required information easily & hassle-free.  

Taking care of the navigation of your website will definitely enhance user engagement. 

#5 Responsive design

Various online studies have shown that more than 50% of the traffic to any website comes from smart devices such as mobiles & tablets. Having said this, it’s important than ever to take care of the responsive design of your website.

A responsive website design is also known as a mobile-friendly design.

What are the benefits of a responsive design?

  • Your website gets a higher user engagement rate.
  • Your website gets more conversions and sales.
  • Your website gets a lower bounce rate on mobile devices.
  • The SEO score of your website can also be improved because search engines like responsive websites too.

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#6 Search bar

Does your website has a lot of content & information?

Or do you run an e-commerce store?

Whichever the case, a search bar can really to engage your users with your website. 

But more importantly, the search bar must be placed at a prominent location of your website so that your users don’t have to search for it. The ideal location to place a search bar is on the top of all the webpages

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