6 Helpful features you may not know about e-commerce web design

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Do you have an e-commerce website but not getting desired sales out of it? Perhaps you may be planning to create an e-commerce store and want to make sure that you don’t miss any of the important features which may bring more sales for you.

This blog post is for you!

e-commerce mobile apps development Singapore

Here, you will read about 6 helpful features that you may not know about e-commerce web development but these features can get you more online sales. 

Let’s get started. 

#1 Quick loading

The loading speed of any e-commerce website may seems to be an insignificant factor but it can really affect your overall sales.

Yes, that’s true! 

Many online studies have proved that each second’s delay in your website loading speed can affect your sales badly.

A fast loading website can help you to:

  • Position your website on search engines.
  • Enhance user-experience. 

How to check the loading speed of any website.

There are several online tools that you can use to check the loading speed of your website. One of them is https://tools.pingdom.com

If you find that your existing website’s loading speed is slow, take an action now and hire a web developer to fix this problem. Believe me, this small investment is really worth it. 

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#2 Guest checkout

Many e-commerce websites don’t provide an option for their users to checkout as a guest. As a result, they tend to lose a significant amount of sales. 

Not everybody wants to spend time on registering or signing-up with an e-commerce website in order to place their orders. By forcing your potential customers to signup with your website, you may lose them.

Here are 4 major reasons to provide a guest checkout option for your users:

  • Reduced abandoned carts. 
  • Useful to capture new customers as they don’t need to signup anymore.
  • Lower level of commitment from the users. 
  • Shortened process for purchasing the items. 

While guest checkout is important for the success of any e-commerce website, most of the web developers don’t provide this option while during website development. 

Do ensure to check with your website developer if the feature of guest checkout is included in their proposal. 

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#3 Abandoned orders recovery

When a visitor on an e-commerce store leaves website before completing the order, it is known as an abandoned order. 

There are several reasons of high abandonment rate on any website, some of them being:

  • Forcing customers to signup in order to make their purchase. 
  • Lengthy checkout forms. 
  • Unexpected/high shipping charges. 
  • Slow loading speed of webpages. 
  • Absence of trust seals on the website. 

#4 Blogging

Blogging for your e-commerce website can help you in several ways you may not know.

Here are but some of the major reasons for you to write & publish blog posts regularly on your e-commerce website:

  • Your potential buyers are usually looking for some answers which you can explain through your blog posts.
  • Regular blogging on your e-commerce website can also help to attract more traffic via search engines. In other words, blogging is good for SEO (search engine optimization) too. 
  • Blogging will help you to establish yourself as an authority in the industry. 
  • Most of the consumers (especially millennials) like to read about the benefits of a product before they can buy them. 

#5 Cross-browser compatibility

For any e-commerce website to be successful, its cross-browser compatibility is important. You or your web designer must ensure that your website loads properly on all the major browsers. 

Here are some of the benefits of having a cross-browser compatible website:

  • Easy navigation for the users. 
  • More sales & orders. 
  • Mobile compatibility. 
  • Consistency in the look & feel of the website. 
  • Ability for all the users to read the fonts properly on their respective browsers. 

#6 First purchase discount

Providing first-purchase discounts for your new customers can help you to get more sales & revenue for your e-commerce store.  

Offering some discounts on a customer’s first purchase could open the door to a customer LTV (life-time value) which will definitely be far greater than the initial discount that you offered.

Interestingly, most of the open source CMS platforms such as WordPress make it easier for webmasters to incorporate first-purchase discount feature by simply installing & activating a module or plugin on the website. 

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