5 Web design mistakes that small businesses must avoid

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A website plays an important role in the success of any online business. If done correctly, your website can really add wings to your business.

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Especially for small businesses, that don’t have enough budget to spend, can really unleash the power of a website. But most small business owners make a few common mistakes that lead them to failure. 

In this blog, I’ve shared 5 such mistakes that all small business owners must avoid in order to succeed. 

#1 Not Hiring A Pro Web Designer

The number 1 mistake that most small business owners make is that they try to create their websites themselves

In order to save some money, they don’t hire a professional website developer. But they try to do everything on their own, even if they don’t possess any web development skills. 

As a result, they end up creating a website that looks unprofessional and doesn’t attract any visitors. 

Don’t let this happen to you. 

Hire a professional yet affordable website designer to create your website. If budget is the constraint, you can consider engaging a WordPress developer to do this job for you. 

#2 Doing A Lot Of Things Together

Most small business owners try to put a lot of things on their websites that lead to nothing but confusing the users. It happens when these business owners try to convey a lot of ideas and concepts on a single website. 

Don’t make this mistake. 

A lot of clutter on any website affects its user experience badly.

Therefore, you must always try to showcase only those concepts, ideas, services, or products that really matter to your business.

#3 Using ugly or irrelevant images

One of the factors that attract the users’ attention on any website is the usage of graphics and images

I am sure you must have noticed a lot of websites use lousy images that are either irrelevant or look ugly. 

It’s true that the web design budget is limited for small business owners and they can’t buy stock images, but there are several great websites from where you can download high-quality images and use them on your websites. 

Some of these great websites are pixabay.com and pexels.com.

You can encourage your website designer to use high-quality yet free images from these websites. 

#4 Absence of contact information

Have you ever been to a website that shows no contact information of the business owner? I am sure you had. 

For me, a website with no contact details is not more than a suspicious or spam webpage. 

No matter how big or small your business is, always showcase your contact details on your website in order to win the trust of your visitors and get business from them. 

#5 Lack of CTA (call-to-action)

A call-to-action button or element encourages website visitors to take an action. This action could be in the form of purchases, sending inquiries, sending out emails,s or phone calls. 

Appropriate usage of CTA elements on any business website is vital to its success. But sadly most small business owners underestimate the importance of CTAs.

Especially if you intend to run marketing campaigns for your website, you must request your web developer to make use of call-to-action elements and place them appropriately.  

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