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5 ways to get a great yet cheap website in Singapore

Ok, so you’ve been looking for a great yet cheap website design for your business. Perfect!

Now the questions that may arise in your mind could be like ‘Can I get a cheap website with all the latest features?’, ‘Can I get a cheap website that’s responsive web design (mobile-friendly)?’ or ‘Will hiring a cheap web designer in Singapore affect the quality of my website?’.

Before I move forward, let me share a good news with you.

cheap web design singapore

You can definitely get a low cost website without having any impact on the quality. In other words, getting a cheap website and maintaining a high level of quality can go together.

Most of the businesses or webmasters are not aware of how the costing  of a website development is being determined. I have already shared some useful insights on how to determine the cost of a website in one of my previous blog posts.

In this blog post, I am going to share some tips on saving your money on website development and at the same time how you can maintain the quality of your website.

#1 Go for WordPress

Wordpress Web Design Singapore

I am sure you must know how reliable and cost-effective WordPress is. If you don’t, let me give you a brief.

WordPress is no more just a blogging platform. With thousands of plugins available in the WordPress community, you can build almost any kind of website.

Why WordPress is cost-effective?

WordPress is an open source CMS and it’s free to download.

The only cost that’s required to build a website using WordPress is when you purchase a WordPress them or when you hire a WordPress web developer to customize the design of your website theme.

Of course, you will have to pay for your website domain and hosting charges. But that’s quite nominal and inexpensive.

Is WordPress safe to use?

During conversations with my clients, I get to know that almost all of them’ve had bad experience with WordPress, especially when it comes to the security of their website.

The only explaination that I always give is ‘If you maintain your website regularly, you will never face any security problems sugh as attack of malicious codes, virus injections, hacking and so on.’

Now the question is, how many webmasters go for website maintenance. Very few. I know that.

Website is not a one time thing. Be it WordPress or any other CMS, you will certainly need to maintain it regularly.

Then why should we blame WordPress.

The only reason I think WordPress websites become victim of such seciruty attacks is because of its huge popularity. Since it’s one of the most popular and has highest number of downloads, its always on the top priority of hackers and attackers too.

In other words, WordPress is loved by both webmasters and hackers.

Coming back to the cost-effectiveness of a website, choosing WordPress can really lower down the overall cost of your website.

#2 Hire WordPress web developers

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There are many web developers who offer WordPress web development services at amazingly low price.

Why WordPress developers are affordable?

As we’ve already learned that WordPress is one of the most popular CMS that’s being used worldwide, there is an abundance of web developers who work on WordPress.

Due to the stiff competition, most of the WordPress developers will be ready to work for you at affordable prices.

The best approach to get a cheap website is to buy a WordPress theme and hire a web developer who could assist you with its customization.

So you get an affordable website with the customization of your choice.

#3 Get cheap yet reliable web hosting plan

<a target='_blank' href='https://www.bhupeshkalra.com/all-you-need-to-know-about-web-hosting/'>web hosting</a> services

Web hosting is something that you can’t judge its reliability by its costing. Sometimes you may end up paying a lot of money to your web hosting company without getting acceptable speed, performance and support from them.

What’s the solution here?

Compare, review and choose best & affordable web hosting servers for your website.

There are many comparison websites like web-hosting.best8reviews.com where you can compare & choose best hosting company at affordable price.

There are several web hosting plans exclusively for WordPress websites that are economical and at the same time perform well for WordPress.

#4 Go for templates

ecommerce website template

There is an ongoing debate on the topic ‘whether you should go for a template web design or custom web design’ and here’s my take on this.

If you are a small business in Singapore or a startup company, there is no harm to choose templates for your website development.


Going with a readymade template eventually helps you to cut down your website development cost and you can a great yet cheap website.

Again, choosing WordPress CMS for your website development can save your money. There are thousands of great WordPress themes that are available at nominal costs and can give your website a stunning look.

What if you want to customize or change any part of your template design?

No problem. You can hire affordable WordPress developers who could help you witch the WordPress theme customization.

#5 Learn CMS

cheap cms website singapore

One of the major benefits of choosing WordPress for you next website development is that it’s easy to learn.

Yes, all you need is a little experience of computer operation, internet surfing and a basic training of WordPress.

Don’t get mislead by the word ‘WordPress training’. You don’t need to attend 2 or 3 days workshops because here you just want to manage your website content.

So a brief 2 hours training will suffice.

But this short training will help you to save your hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Because everytime you need some changes to be done on your website, your web design company may charge you. Why should you pay for such small changes when you can do them on your own, right?

Unless you don’t have time and you want to subscribe for a web maintenance plan with any web developer, there is no need for you to pay.

The web developer that you will hire for your website development can provide you with a manual to operate your website at your own.

You can also ask your WordPress developer to provide you with a short on-site training so that you can learn easily.


Its a myth that you can’t get a cheap website with good quality. If you know how to break-up the cost and choose best yet affordable resources (as explained above), you can really save your hard earned money.

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