5 Ways In Which Your Web Developer Can Develop An Engaging E-Commerce Store

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Building an e-commerce store is no more a big deal. Go for any CMS like WordPress and you can launch your website quickly & cost-effectively. But the real challenge lies in engaging the website users with your website.

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Most of the newbies are not able to figure out how they can make their website engaging & user-friendly. But believe it or not, it’s the key to succeed in modern business time.

Here, I have shared 5 things that your website developer can do to make your website interactive, thereby enhancing the customer engagement.

Let’s get started!

#1 Live Chat

Live chat is one of the best features that your web designer can integrate with your website. If you look around for successful e-commerce stores, you will notice that most of them do have live chat feature on their website. 

A live chat can help you in several ways, primarily:

  • Faster response
  • Real-time problem solving
  • Low-cost solution

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#2 Social Media Marketing

By integrating social media widgets with your website, you can encourage your visitors to engage with your brand. They can see what others have to say about your brand.

They can also participate in your social platform if they wish to do so.

Your website developer can also integrate social-sharing option with all the products of your e-commerce store so that the website visitors can share these products on their preferred social media pages.

If you have used WordPress to build your e-commerce store, you can find many great plugins that can be integrated with your website to showcase social media widgets.

#3 Loyalty Points

Providing loyalty points on each product’s purchase is another effective method to get your customers engaged with your website. 

Various studies have shown that many e-commerce retailers gain major benefits from loyal customers.

With the help of loyalty programs, companies can see an average increase in repeat purchases of 20%.

Loyalty points can help to:

  • Encourage new website visitors to become paid customers.
  • Provide existing customers benefit of getting discounts for their next orders.

#4 Contests & Giveaways

Want more customers for your e-commerce store? 

Run a contest!

Yes, running a contest still remains one of the best ways to engage your website visitors with your brand.

Your web developer can also incorporate some gamification tools so that the website visitors can participate and get certain discounts or offers.

If your budget allows, you can also offer some giveaways with each order that your customers make with you.

#5 First Order Discount

If you really want to grow your e-commerce sales with your existing website traffic, you can also introduce first-order discount for your new customers.

In other words, all the new customers will automatically get certain discount on their first order with your website.

Again, if your e-commerce website has been developed using WordPress, there are few plugins that can be integrated and get this feature going in few minutes.

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