5 Ways In Which An E-Commerce Developer Can Automate Your Business

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When you hire an eCommerce developer, you don’t just expect him to create a simple online store for you, but you can also expect him to create a website that makes most of your business processes automated.¬†

web developer singapore

In this blog post, I’ve shared 5 such ways in which a website developer can help you to automate your eCommerce business.¬†

Let’s get started.¬†¬†

#1 Inventory Management

It’s easier for a small business to manage the inventory manually but as the business grows, you definitely need an automated yet robust system to do this job for you.

Why not to assign this job to your eCommerce store?

Yes, your eCommerce developer can help you to integrate inventory management plugin or module with your website so that it manages the inventory status automatically upon each sale, return or stock update. 

Why you should consider managing the inventory automatically?

Here are but few major reasons to have an automated inventory management system:

  • Manual inventory management takes a lot of effort & time to do.
  • Manual inventory has a high possibility of creating human errors.¬†
  • Automated inventory management helps you to generate instant reports, as and when required.¬†

#2 Accounting

Again, when you have a couple of sales every week or month, it’s easier for you to maintain the accounts manually. But as your business starts getting hundreds of sales every week, it may become a daunting task for you to manage the accounts yourself.¬†

Here comes your eCommerce developer for your rescue. 

Your eCommerce website developer can integrate & sync your website sales with your chosen accounting software. 

Yes, there are several reliable yet affordable accounting & bookkeeping  software that can be integrated with your website in order to sync the critical data like sales, orders, inventory etc.

Here are but some of the major benefits of making your accounting process automated & synced with your website:

  • You can have a quick access to your cash flow & expenses.
  • It helps to view, manage & plan your inventory.
  • You can have an easy access to your profit & loss statement that will further help you to analyse the profit-making products.

#3 Customer Support

For any business to be successful, customer support is crucial. When you provide your customers with an excellent support, you get repeated orders from the same customers. 

In the traditional world of business, you had to hire customer support staff to attend to the calls of your customers and resolve their queries.

But with the advancement of eCommerce website development technologies, you can provide live support to your customers without spending a lot.

There are several live chat plugins (both free & paid) that your website developer can integrate with your website. 

When any of these live chat plugins is installed on your eCommerce store, your customers can ask their queries in this little chat widget and you can reply them instantly.  

Here are some major advantages of using live chat on your shopping cart website:

  • Real-time problem solving. 
  • Faster response
  • Low-cost solution

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#4 Product Returns & Refunds

There are several reasons of product returns & refunds. Some of them being:

  • Receiving wrong item
  • Receiving damaged product
  • Receiving different product

Whichever the case, product returns & refunds can be a hassle if you have to manage all of them manually. 

Again, your eCommerce builder can help you to integrate a feature in your website so that the customers can request for returns and refunds on their own. They don’t need to call you. They can simply login the website with their own credentials and request for a product return or refund.

Here are 4 major benefits that you or your customers will get with a feature of product refund or return:

  • Your customers feel happy as they don’t have to go through all the hassles.¬†
  • You save your time to manage all the returns manually.
  • Your customers get engaged with your business.
  • You get loyal customers.¬†

#5 Reducing Order Abandonment

Although there are several reasons of high order abandonment rate on any eCommerce store. Some of them could be:

  • Excessive surcharges on the checkout page.
  • Slow loading speed of your website.¬†
  • Lack of security parameters on your website.¬†

But there are some other reasons too which are not easy to analyse. For eg. your customers may have quit the website on the final checkout page or the payment page because of some distraction that he experienced while making the payment. 

Fortunately, this kind of order abandonment can be handled well with the help of a website developer. 

Well, your eCommerce developer can add a feature through which your website can send out automated emails to all of those customers who did signup or register with your website but never completed the payment. All this can be done automatically. 

With this automated feature, you can easily recover some of the abandoned orders of your online store. 

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