5 Ways In Which A Website Builder Can Help You Design A Low Cost Website

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Are you looking for a website but short on budget? 

In simpler words, are you looking for a low cost website design services in Singapore?

A website design may not cost you too high but when it comes to make changes and maintain a website, you may end-up paying way high than what you had anticipated. 

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But, the good news is, that your website designer or website builder can help you to save your cost a lot.

Here, you will find 5 ways in which a website builder or designer can help you to reduce the cost of your website development.

#1 Choose WordPress

By choosing WordPress for your website development, your website builder can save you more than 40% on your overall web development cost.

Since WordPress is free to use & customize and there are lots of free plugins available to use for any website, you need to pay considerably low charges when your web designer chooses WordPress.

Not only the website development cost, but when it comes to maintain or update a WordPress website, you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to do that.

Therefore, you can save your current development cost as well as your future costs that you may need to pay eventually for your website upgrade or maintenance.

So, if you need a website, do make sure to ask your website builder to choose WordPress.

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#2 Choose Affordable Web Hosting

The overall cost of a website development also includes web hosting charges. 

So, if the web hosting charges are high, your overall web design cost may also go higher. At the same time, a low-cost web hosting may save you few hundred dollars.

But, you should not choose a web hosting provider just on the basis of their low pricing. Instead you need to check for both pricing and quality. Here comes your website builder to your rescue.

Having worked with handful of web hosting companies already, your website designer or builder can help you to choose a reliable yet affordable web hosting company.

#3 Choose An Attractive Yet Low Cost Template

Using a template, instead of custom website design, can help you save around 20% of your total web development cost.

A template is a website design that has already been used by many websites in the past and may be used in the future as well. 

In other words, a template is a readymade design that you can purchase and use for your website development.

However, not all readymade designs can be used as they are. You may need some customizations or modifications to make it compatible to your business needs. 

Here, your website builder can help you to not only integrate a template with your website, but make necessary changes too.

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#4 Provide Training

With the help of your website builder, you can learn to manage your website yourself, without the help of any website designer. 

It means, if you wish to add any new content, pages or images, you can easily do that after a short training that your website builder can provide you with.

So, next time, when you hire a website designer, do make sure to request him or her for a short training. 

It will really save your money that you would have paid to the website designers for making changes on your website, in the absence of a training.

#5 Free Support

Even after your website is launched and made live, you may encounter some bugs or issues.

If you hire a website builder to fix those bugs, you may have to pay additionally for these services.

However, if you choose a website designer who can provide you with free support, even for few months, you can still get support from him or her without paying any additional charges. Therefore, you save some money here too.

When we help our customers to design their websites, we always provide them with 3 months of free support. It means if they report to us, any error or bugs, we help them to fix those issues without charging any fee.

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