5 Ways a WordPress developer can convert your website into a mobile app

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As the world gets more mobile and looks to on-the-go solutions, your website needs to keep up with times in order to be more user-friendly and user-expedient. 

As more and more people choose to browse the internet using mobile phones and tablets, websites need to have mobile presence in the form of mobile apps

Not only are apps the most optimal way to deliver content on mobile devices, they are also cost-effective and size-sensitive.

mobile app development singapore

If you are looking to convert your WordPress website into a mobile app, the easiest way to do it is using plugins. 

Below we have listed 5 WordPress compatible plugins that your WordPress developer can use to convert your website into a mobile application.

#1 AppPresser

appresser convert wordpress website to mobile app

AppPresser combines simplicity and utility to deliver an effortless app creation

It has a dedicated WordPress theme for apps and a visual customization tool to modify your app’s looks using custom page creation and offers a variety of features, including push notifications, WordPress content transfer, extension and plugin compatibility for Google maps, social media, and camera linking amongst others.


  • Customizer is WordPress friendly
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Highly advanced push functionality


  • Highly expensive, involves monthly fees
  • Limited customization

#2 Mobiloud

WordPress development Singapore

Mobiloud is a free to review plugin for converting WordPress website to an Android
or iOS mobile app. 

It offers features like push notifications, analytics, mobile ads assistance and monetization, RTL support, and excellent customization with logs and favicons. 

It offers two products: one for blogs and news websites and another for sites built using WooCommerce and other advanced plugins.


  • Easy to setup and install
  • Auto content updates as and when site content changes
  • Money-back guarantee


  • The premium plan is expensive

#3 Blappsta

WordPress development Singapore

Another great plugin for converting WordPress websites to Android or iOS apps is

It offers features such as push notifications, Google deep link indexing, social media sharing, app customization options, content placement adaptation, and a preview option among others.


  • Customizable navigation
  • Customizable home page design
  • Share buttons for social media
  • Preview before going live


  • Relatively new app with limited features compared to other apps

#4 Wappress

wappress to convert wordpress website to mobile application

A very simple to use plugin which converts your WordPress website to an Anroid mobile app using a few clicks. 

Even non-technical persons can use this plugin to convert their websites to apps using minimal configuration. 

The features offered by this app include multiple themes, personalized home page, customized splash screen, push notifications, and customization option for all pages.


  • Google Play support for app publishing
  • Launcher icon
  • Ad and monetization support


  • Lack of proper customer support
  • No advanced customization features

#5 AndroApp


Yet another feature-rich plugin for converting website to mobile apps is Androapp.

Fast and dynamic, AndroApp offers features such as unlimited push notification, endless scrolling, various themes, social sharing, offline support, monetization options, and deep linking to name a few. 

Its plugin developer helps in easy configuration and downloading of the app that can be submitted to the app store with convenience.


  • Dynamic menu settings
  • Comments support for Facebook
  • Completely white label
  • Image sharing using default sharing channels


  • Incompatible with WooCommerce and BuddyPress

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