5 Ways to hire a web developer who can reduce e-commerce website cost by almost 50%

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Do you need an e-commerce website but concerned about its timeframe & development cost?

Or perhaps you know that an e-commerce website can help your business to get more revenue but its high development cost is stopping you to go ahead.

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There is a solution for you!

Here, you will learn about 5 ways in which a website developer can help you to get a low cost e-commerce store and that too in just a few weeks.

If you really want to get a low cost e-commerce website for your small business or startup, hire a website developer:

#1 Who knows best CMS to work with

Using a CMS (content management system) can really cut down your website development cost & timeframe by almost 50%.


When your website developer make use of a CMS to build your e-commerce website, most of the features of your online store can be incorporated through plugins & modules. 

In other words, CMS is a quick way to get your e-commerce website up & running in lesser amount of time & money because it uses prebuilt plugins & modules.

Here are but some of the best CMS platforms available to build an e-commerce store:

So, go ahead and choose one of these best CMS platforms to create your e-commerce stores at an affordable cost.

#2 Who knows how to choose & customise a best theme

Instead of creating a website design from the scratch, your e-commerce developer can use prebuilt website themes in order to bring the development cost lower. 

Choosing a prebuilt theme vs a custom website design alone can help you to reduce the overall development cost & timeframe by at least 20%. 

However, you don’t need to worry about the uniqueness of your website design.

You can still request your web designer to customise some parts of the theme in order to make it look different from other websites that have been using the same theme. 

Fortunately, when you use WordPress to build your e-commerce website, there are hundreds of free themes that your website developer can use. Even if you like a theme that’s paid, that will not have to pay more than $100, in most of the cases.

#3 Who can find best yet free plugins & modules

As I mentioned earlier that using CMS is a great way to build an e-commerce store at low cost & a CMS uses several plugins or modules in order to add different features for a website, your website developer must know which plugin(s) he must use that are free, affordable & yet reliable. 

There is only one drawback that I see in using a CMS and that’s the selection of a wrong plugin or module. 

Only professional web designers know which plugin(s) and module(s) they must use in order to maintain the stability of a website. So, you must ensure that you hire only experienced web designers or developers to create your website. 

Nevertheless, using free plugins or modules will definitely lower down your e-commerce website cost.

#4 Who can train you

We all know website development is not a one-time thing. Completion of a website’s development is not a dead-end.

You do need to update it with new contents and images. Especially in case of e-commerce websites, you must update it regularly with new products every now and then.

Hiring a web designer every time to update your website with new materials will eventually cost you a lot. Therefore, you must hire a website developer who can teach you on managing your website after its completion.

In order words, your website developer must be able to handier the website to you in a way so that you can manage it yourself hassle-free and without any technical knowhow.

#5 Who can provide you with the support

It’s not uncommon to have some bugs & issues on a website even after its completion. 

Practically speaking, there may be few areas on your website that might have been overlooked by you or your website developer. 

Having issues on a website is not critical as long as they are fixed immediately, but not attending to those issues can be a blunder over a period of time.

Hence, when you hire a website developer, you must discuss about the free support that he will be providing you with. In the absence of a clearly defined support assistance, you may likely have to pay for each and every issue that may arise and thereby increasing the overall cost of your website development.

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