5 Best Selling E-Commerce Features You Can Get In Low Cost Web Development

grow ecommerce sales

Do you need an eCommerce website to sell your products or services online, but you don’t have a high budget to do that? 

Perhaps you may have a common misconception that if you don’t invest a lot on your e-commerce website development, you may not get the desired sales.

Don’t get disappointed.

You can still setup an e-commerce store with all the necessary features that are required to run a successful business, that too at a low cost.

grow ecommerce sales

Here, I have shared 5 such useful e-commerce features that your website developer can integrate for you, without raising the cost of your website development

These features can really help you get more sales & customers for your business.

Let’s dive into this.

#1 First Order Discount

Given a lot of competition and several options for your potential buyers to choose from, it may be difficult for you to acquire new customers. Providing your customers with a discount on their first order is a great initiative that you can take in order to grow your customer base.

All that your website developer will need to do is:

  • Provide you with an option to setup a discount (in percentage or a fixed amount) that you are willing to give to your new customers.
  • Validate (through your e-commerce website system) during checkout if a customer is already registered with your website or it’s their first time. For all the first-time customers, the system can provide them with a certain discount, automatically.

#2 Guest Checkout

The e-commerce stores that force their customers to register for making a purchase tend to lose more orders as compared to the websites that allow guest-checkout.

Adding a guest checkout feature is not at all expensive. You can have this feature included in your e-commerce website at a little or no cost at all. But having this feature added onto your website, you may experience a rise in your overall sales.

#3 Abandoned Order Followup

The most challenging part of any e-commerce business is handling their abandoned orders

Various studies have proved that more than 30% of the visitors on any e-commerce store who added products in their cart, would leave the website without completing their orders.

One of the best ways to tackle high order abandonment rate is to followup with the users on a regular basis. This can be done through an effective emailing system so that the emails can be sent to the users who abandoned their orders at a frequent interval and encourage them to complete their orders.

In the followup emails, you may also consider mentioning about your special discounts and offers. 

Perhaps you may also create a sense of urgency for your buyers to take an immediate action.

If you have been using WordPress for your e-commerce website design, this can be done easily in few clicks. There are several WordPress plugins that can help you to setup an efficient system to acquire back the abandoned orders.

#4 Gamification

Have you ever thought to let your visitors play a game on your e-commerce store and get some random discounts?

How gamification can help you get more customers and sales? 

Most of us believe in luck and when we see an opportunity to try our luck, we hardly miss it. Let me clarify here, that gamification is not gambling. It’s just a short & fun game that your visitors can play on your website and try their luck to get some discounts.

Widgets like gamification makes the users’ experience interesting and full of fun.

Again, there are many WordPress plugins that your website developer can use with your e-commerce store and make it happen.

#5 Social Sharing

Having a sharing icon with each product on your e-commerce store can help you to get more visitors to your website, at no additional cost.

This is how it works:

  • The existing users can share your products with their friends via email or  social media channels like Facebook & Twitter.
  • The referred users can further share your products with their own friends in a similar fashion.

You see, how easy it becomes for your product(s) to get viral, without spending any additional money on marketing or advertising.

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