5 Tips To Choose A Domain Name For Creating Your Website

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In this blog post, I have shared :

The first step to create a website is to decide upon a domain name. 

Although, I believe most of you already know about a domain name. 

Just in case you aren’t sure.

A domain name is the unique name that you choose for your website address. For eg. www.yourwebsitename.com

From where your can get a domain name.

  • You can contact a web hosting company to do that for you.
  • You can also ask your web designer to arrange a domain for you.

How much does a domain costs?

If you are wondering about the cost of a domain name, here’s a good news for you. A domain name (.com) can cost you as low as $20 per annum.

However the exact cost of a domain name depends on the web hosting company you are considering and sometimes, the domain extension you want to choose.

  • A .com domain should cost you around $20 per annum
  • A region specific domain name like .sg, .com.sg can cost you more than $50 per annum.
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Ok, now since you know what exactly is this jargon domain name, how much it costs and from where you can buy it, let’s look into some of the helpful tips to choose one.

Many people think that a domain name must be the name of their company, not necessary but it’s completely fine, if you wish to have that.

However, there are few essential elements that can be considered while choosing a domain name.

In this blog post, I am going to share 5 tips for those who are planning to build a website soon and thinking about choosing an appropriate domain name for their website.

#1 Keep It Short

Ideally, The domain name short enough to type easily for the users. 

Unless you want to use your company or brand name within the domain.

#2 Should Be Memorable

This is perhaps more important than having a shorter name. 

Even if you choose a lengthy domain name, it must be memorable.

A domain name that’s memorable will help your users to remember it and access your website easily.

#3 Use Keywords, If Possible

Having a domain name with relevant keywords increases the chances of your website to rank higher on search engines

However it may not be a hard & fast rule to include keywords in your domain name, but if you can consider doing this, it may be good for your website positioning on search engines. 

Since these kind of domain names are helpful in getting rankings on search engines, your competitors may also be looking for the same kind of keywords.

#4 Use Services, If Possible

Using your services or product name, in your domain name, can be beneficial for you. It will help the users to know your speciality or skills through your domain name only.

For instance, if you deal in car spare parts in Singapore and you are looking to create a website, you may consider registering a domain name like www.xyzcarspareparts.com

Please note that these kind of domain names may be difficult to get because there may be several companies or individuals who may already have this domain or intend to buy one soon. 

So, the key is to take immediate action and secure your desired domain name.

#5 Use Your Brand Name

If you don’t want to use your service name or any keywords just to avoid focusing on few services, you may also go for using your own business name in the domain. 

These kind of domain names may be easily available because of the uniqueness of your business name. 

For instance if your company name is XYZ Consultancy, you can go for a domain name like xyzconsultancy.com


Getting a domain name is the first step toward creating a website & achieving success in any online business. 

It is therefore, very important to choose a domain name wisely and appropriately.

The next step? Hiring A Web Designer!

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Once you have finalised your domain name, the next step is to hire a web designer to build your website. 

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