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5 Things You Can Do For Your Ecommerce Mobile Website To Increase Sales

Do you have an ecommerce website & looking for some easy yet effective tips to increase your sales?

Here are some tweaks for you to make on your mobile ecommerce website (responsive web design) & attract more sales from your existing visitors.

#1 The Less The Better

When it comes to the mobile ecommerce website, the rule of thumb is to reduce the clutter. Do not worry about making your mobile website exactly same as its PC/Desktop version. It’s ok to give away some of the unimportant features on the mobile version of your ecommerce website, if you really want to increase your sales.

Perhaps you can take out the unnecessary elements like subscription, news etc., especially on the product detail pages.

If you are thinking whether its possible to exclude some of the elements from your mobile ecommerce website or not, let me tell you. Yes, it is possible. Just consult your web developer to get more insights on this. 

2 Make It Easy To Buy

Make sure that the ‘Buy Now’ button is prominent and visible in first screen (top view) or your product landing pages. The more prominent your call-to-action elements are, the higher would be the chances that your visitors will click them.

Again, you can ask your ecommerce designer to make the size of your call-to-action elements like ‘Buy Now’ button slightly bigger for just the mobile version of your ecommerce store.

3 Take Care Of Loading Speed

Users are impatient these days. They literally scan the web pages and do not want to spend time in reading each and every word. Given this scenario, you must ensure that your ecommerce website loads quickly on all the mobile devices.

Agreed that you always check the loading speed of your ecommerce website on the desktops/PC, but do pay attention to its mobile version too.

#4 Keep It Simple

There is always less area to play around on mobile devices vs desktops. Making your web pages simple and clean will definitely get your users a comfort to stay and purchase from your website.

This brings me to a very important note. You must also ensure that the shopping cart process on your website is as simple as possible. You can definitely make the shopping process of your mobile devices different from the desktop versions as I mentioned already.

#5 Make Your Ecommerce Design Thumb-Friendly

The UX/UI design of your mobile ecommerce website must be thumb-friendly in order for the customers to navigate your website easily.

Here are some of the thumb-friendly features that your mobile ecommerce website must have:

  • Easy-to-click buttons within the range of a user’s thumb.
  • All the product images must be easy to swipe using a thumb.
  • The menu of your website must be opened by a thumb’s tap.
  • The checkout related forms like billing, shipping & payment forms must have bigger fields.

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