5 Things To Know While Building A Dropshipping E-Commerce Website

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We all know that a dropshipping business can be successfully carried out without investing huge amount of money in inventory procurement & other operational expenses.

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Why dropshipping?

Here are few but major advantages of setting up an e-commerce website for dropshipping business:

  • No inventory is required.
  • It provides you an ability to sell wide range of products.
  • It allows you to expand without any huge investment.
  • It allows you to work from anywhere & anytime.

Do you want to build a dropshipping website?

Building a drop shopping website is not challenging. You can easily hire a web developer who builds dropshipping websites at affordable price and setup your e-commerce store without any huge investment. 

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But, are all the dropshippers successful? 

Are all of the dropshipping websites able to meet their primary objective of getting more sales & revenue? The answer is ‘No’.

Well, there could be several reasons for failure of a dropshipping business, but the most important reason is lack of a profitable website.

Look at any successful dropshipping e-commerce store, you will find that they pay a lot of attention to their website’s branding, shopping cart process, website design, website security and other factors.

If you are also looking to develop a dropshipping website and wondering about those special ingredients that make a dropshipping business successful, this blog post is for you.

In this blog post, I have shared 5 important things to consider while creating a dropshipping website.

Let’s dive into it.

#1 Website Design

This is the most common mistake that most of the newbie dropshippers make. They don’t build their website around the line of products that they intend to sell.

In other words, their website design doesn’t align with their products. It could be because of the lack of direction or lack of communication with their web developers.

Don’t let this happen to you. If you too, wish to build a dropshipping website and run it successfully, do ensure that:

  • You have already decided upon the products or product niche that you will be selling on your e-commerce store.
  • You have done enough research on the competition or at least have found some of the successful websites that sell similar products as yours. Get some valuable insights & ideas from these websites.
  • You have conveyed your idea of website design to your website designer.

#2 Shipping Charges

Shipping rate is another thing which most of the dropshipping businesses overlook, while the fact is that the online customers are very sentimental about shipping charges. 

Customers prefer to buy products from those e-commerce websites that do not charge them high shipping charges.

Again, by having a look over your competition, you will be able to get an idea about the prevailing shipping charges in your industry.

So, the key here is to keep the shipping charges as low as possible.

#3 Easy Checkout Process

There could be certain situations when your customers did like your products and added them to their shopping cart but never completed their order. This is known as “Order Abandonment“.

One of the major reasons of high order abandonment rate of any e-commerce website is the lengthy or complicated checkout process. Do ensure that your e-commerce store has an easy & straight forward checkout flow.

You can do this by working closely with your eCommerce developer and ensure that your store has:

  • An option (on all the webpages) for the users to go to the checkout page at any point of time, after adding the products to their cart .
  • A clear indication of all the products added in the cart.
  • An option on the checkout page to remove or change the quantity of products.
  • An option on the checkout page for the users to apply discount code, if any.
  • A checkout page that has minimum number for fields to be filled.

#4 Allow Guest Checkouts

When you build a dropshiping e-commerce store, you should not force your customers to register with your website for placing their orders.

Some of your potential buyers may not prefer to create an account with your website and when they find that they can’t place their orders without signing up, they simply quit

As a result, your website gets high order abandonment rate. Therefore, in order to grab more sales & customers from the existing amount of traffic on your website, you must provide a guest checkout option. 

#5 Social Media Sharing

Since dropshippers have a limited budget of developing & marketing their e-commerce website, an option of social media sharing can help them to make their products viral.

All you need to do is, ask your website developer to include an option of sharing with each product so that your website visitors can share the products’ link with their family & friends through their preferred social media websites like Facebook & Twitter.


Developing a dropshipping website & running it successfully is not very hard but there are certain ingredients that can make you successful as a dropshipper. Hope above tips can help you to get more sales.

Happy dropshipping!

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