5 Technical Steps That You Need To Perform For Your Web Development

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Do you need a website but not sure about the technicalities involved in any website development. 

Although, technical aspects of website development must be handled by your website developer, but you must also have some basic idea of different steps involved in any website creation. 

In this blog post, I have shared 5 basic technical steps that may be required for your website development. 

Although there may be more steps needed to build a complicated website, but these 5 steps are generally required for most of the corporate & e-commerce website development. 

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#1 Layout Design (Using Photoshop etc.)

Designing a layout is the first step toward building a website. 

Website designing is usually done by a web designer. And most of the website designers use Photoshop to create the layouts. 

However you can also go for a readymade website theme if you want to save the cost and time. 

When you hire any web design agency, their website designer would create a layout for you to view and approve or feedback.

#2 Server Arrangement (Linux Or Windows)

The next step for you is to choose an appropriate server to host your website

The selection of a server is important at this step because your website developer will be required to choose an appropriate development platform accordingly. 

Majorly, you have two options to choose for the server. Linux or Windows. You can consult your web developer while choosing a server for your website. 

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#3 Database (MySQL, PostgreSQL)

Database is required to store all the data onto your server. 

A database can have several tables and inside each table, there can be hundreds or thousands of records, based on the size & nature of your website. 

Depending upon your server selection, your website developer will have to choose an appropriate database type. 

#4 Development Language (PHP, JS etc.)

Again, depending upon your server type, your website developer will choose an appropriate development language

Your website developer will then integrate the chosen language with your database so that the required records can be pushed or pulled, based on the queries. 

Some of these languages are PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, JavaScript etc.

Every development language has their advantages and some disadvantages too. 

Depending upon your website design requirements, your website developer will advise you on the selection of appropriate development language. 

#5 Website Framework

There are several frameworks available for a website development. And most of the web developers are familiar with them. 

These popular frameworks include Laravel, WordPress, Drupal, Django, Ruby on Rails.

Again, it really depends on your web design requirements, your budget and the expertise of your website developer. 

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