5 Signs That Your E-Commerce Website Needs A Revamp Or Redesign

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Importance of having an e-commerce website for small businesses can’t be underestimated.

With an e-commerce website for your small retail business, you can get several advantages like:

  • You can increase your reach globally. 
  • You can market your business at affordable cost. 
  • You can conveniently manage your online store, anywhere & anytime.
  • You customers can find you online 24/7 and can buy from you anywhere, anytime. 
  • You can scale-up your e-commerce business without high investment. 

ecommerce mobile apps development singapore

At the same time, when you run your business through an e-commerce website, you must also take care of its upgradation.

But the problem is, most of the webmasters don’t realise what’s the appropriate time to revamp their website.

Do you also run an e-commerce store and wondering how you can increase your sales. 

Perhaps, you may be wondering when it’s the right time for you to hire a web developer and revamp your website.

Don’t worry. In this blog post, I have shared 5 signs that will call for a revamp of your e-commerce website.

#1 When your website looks outdated

Do you feel that your website isn’t as attractive as your competitors’ websites? Are your visitors not spending much time your website? 

It may be a sign for you to redesign your e-commerce store

With the changing technologies & design trends, your customers’ expectations also vary. 

Therefore, to cope up with your customers’ expectations, you must get a new look for your website. 

If you are worried about the high cost involved in your website redesigning, perish that thought. Just to redesign the look & feel of your e-commerce store won’t cost you as much as building a whole new website. 

So, take an action. Call your web designer and seek a quotation for your website revamp. 

#2 When your checkout process sucks

Do you have good amount of traffic on your website but not getting proportionate sales? There may be some problem with your checkout process

We all know that checkout process is the backbone of any online store. Saying that a faulty checkout process can damage your business won’t be wrong. 

Lousy checkout process can lead to high abandonment rate of your website. Although, there are several reasons of high order abandonment rate, but faulty checkout process is among the top most reasons. 

Therefore, you must take this issue seriously and get your website updated as soon as possible. 

#3 When your website loads too slow

Have you ever checked the loading speed of your website. If not, you can do that with the help of several online tools available. One of those best tools is https://tools.pingdom.com.

A slow loading website can affect your overall sales in 2 ways:

  • It affects your user-experience.
  • It affects the SEO (search engine optimization) score of your website.

It becomes even more important for e-commerce websites to load quickly. Various studies have shown that each second’s delay in loading can affect the overall sales of that website.

In most of the cases, a slow loading website can be optimized for speed by fixing some of the non-performing plugins or theme. 

But in some cases, you may be required to redesign your existing website. 

You must consult your website designer to find out different possibilities to fix the loading speed of your website. 

#4 When your website is not device-friendly

More than 40% of the online users browse e-commerce websites using their smart devices such as mobiles & tablets. 

If your e-commerce website is not optimized for all the smart devices, you may lose a significant amount of sales. 

Optimization of a website for devices is also known as responsiveness. 

A non-responsive website can affect you in 2 ways:

  • It can affect your user-experience.
  • It can affect your SEO rankings

Don’t let this happen to you. Take an action today!

Hire a website developer to redesign your website

#5 When your website contains malicious codes

Last but not the least reason for you to revamp your existing e-commerce store is to maintain its security

It’s not uncommon for any e-commerce website to get infected with malicious codes and viruses. 

An infected website can cause several security issues like stealing of your customers’ personal information, loading the website too slow, redirecting your website to spammy websites and so on. 

Your website can become vulnerable to all the possible security threats because of many reasons such as usage of unreliable plugins or modules, loosened security norms, absence of security plugins & modules, insecure website hosting etc. 

The best way to combat website infections is to revamp your website

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