5 Practical differences between Joomla and WordPress web design

When it comes to Content Management, people have been always keen on two options – either Joomla or WordPress web design.

Both are open source software i.e. free software which is used to help the ones who are not tech savvy or the users who are not very technically advanced to build a website on their own.

Both these software platforms provide easy themes and features which would ease the efforts to manually create a website. Even though they are basically serving a common objective, it is necessary that we consider the points which help us to differentiate one from the other.


WordPress has a better interface.

Even though Joomla is very easy to use, the interface that is provided makes it look very complicated as compared to WordPress.

The advantage that WordPress has over Joomla is that it has a set of very concise features that are displayed on the left-hand side of the page which makes it easier to access as well as learn WordPress.

Joomla, on the other hand, provides us with a lot of features spread across the page which in certain cases do create confusion for the user.

Joomla is technically more flexible.

Just as the interface in WordPress is kept very concise and minimum, the features that it provides are also less compared to Joomla.

For handling page titles, proper management of the content, and creating various pages outside the menu, WordPress does not provide the ease that is offered by Joomla.

For example, when it comes to providing titles to the content, providing titles to the top of the browser bar, and also the title that appears on the menu, there is no out-of-the-box option to do it whereas Joomla makes the job quite easy.

Availability of Web Developers

In the case of WordPress, you can find lots of professional web developers when it comes to the customization of a WordPress.

The abundance of WordPress web developers means the cost to customize a WordPress website is quite low which makes it the #1 choice for everyone to get a budget web design however when it comes to Joomla, the scarcity of available web developers has made the cost to develop a Joomla website comparatively expensive.

Blogs are better created on WordPress:

There is no need to justify this point further as we all know that WordPress was basically developed to create hassle-free blogs. The whole concept behind it was to provide an interface wherein one could create blogs easily.

Adding on to it and seeing extensive demands from users the developers started creating more features such as posting archives, providing commenting options, tagging clouds, etc.

All these additional features sure helped a WordPress user to save a lot of time and effort. Joomla on the other hand wasn’t very easy to use for regular bloggers. It always needed third-party extensions and extra attention while creating a similar blog.

Joomla has more options and features to it:

This point is basically retorted to the fact that one can create a site that looks more sophisticated and complicated having a lot more options and features using Joomla as it is built to give attention to every tiny detail.

One can install complex calendar systems, specific and strictly maintained user permissions, community software, or any such features which isn’t an easy task to be carried out with WordPress. Thus feature wise Joomla, which has a whole lot of options under its belt, surely has an edge over WordPress

Some Extra advantages of each:

WordPress allows you to save the alt text as well as the title tags. Once you have used an image and have provided the alt description to it, the next time when you use the image you wouldn’t need to manually re-write the descriptions again each time.

It would be automatically saved for you which isn’t the case with Joomla wherein each time an image is used one would need to redefine it. There are many other reasons which show search engines love WordPress websites.

On the other hand, Joomla provides the ability to create folders in the media library which would help you once you have a pile load of media in the library. Though it is a small point, it is definitely one that cannot be avoided.

Conclusion: Although WordPress web design is the preferred choice for most webmasters these days, you can choose the best open source software for your website according to your custom requirements.