5 Major Reasons To Have A Simple Website Design

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I am sure you may have heard that a simple website design is the best website design strategy among all. But why is that so?

Simplifying your website design can make as big difference as between profit and loss.

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When your web designer chooses a simple website design strategy, you get several benefits such as shorter website development timeframe, more conversions and on the top of it, low cost of website development.

Let’s deconstruct some of the reasons that make a simple website design the best among all.

Here are but 5 major reasons why a simple website design is the best strategy.

#1 Simple website design is user-friendly

Have you even been to a website that has all the worldly elements but fail to enable its users navigate intuitively?

For instance, you may visit an e-commerce store where you can find thousands of great products, excellent graphics, videos etc. but when you decide to buy any product, you don’t know what to do next.

Or perhaps, you may visit a website that looks great on your desktop but when you open it on your mobile device, you are unable to browse it properly.

That’s the biggest problem with the¬†complicated website designs. They are not at all user-friendly.

What’s the solution then?

You get it right. A simple website design always helps its users to navigate easily.

#2 Simple web design gets more conversions

As I mentioned already, users may find it difficult to buy any product or send an enquiry when they are browsing a fancy website that has tons of information, graphics and call-to-action elements.

Various studies have shown that simple websites get more conversions than those flashy websites.  

In fact, most of the e-commerce business owners have reported that they started getting more sales after adopting a simple website design.

You know why?

Because simple websites focus more on their call-to-action elements than the other useless information.

Therefore, always insist your website builder to create a simple yet effective website design. 

#3 Simple websites load faster

Due to the multiple scripts, animations and various graphics that are used on a flashy website, it tends to load slower than the normal websites.

And we all know that websites that load slow affect not only the user-experience, but they lose their search engine rankings too.

So, when you choose a simple website design that loads faster, you get:

  • Higher chances to get ranked on search engines.
  • Rich user-experience.

#4 Simple website design is easy to understand

A simple website enables its users to easily digest the information intended for them. 

Another reason why simple website designs are good for the users is that these websites don’t distract them. Users tend to have a stronger command (to browse & navigate) on the simple websites than those flashy ones.

Whether its about fonts, images, spacing, alignment or the layout, simple website designs always win in terms of understandability.

#5 Simple website design looks reliable

The way a simple website conveys its message to the users is really understandable.

On the other hand, no matter what you write on a flashy website, the users take some time to digest it because other useless items are demanding their attention too.

In other words, a simple website design forms a quick & trustworthy relationship with its users and as a result, these users like to come back to the website again and again.

Various studies conducted in the year 2017 reveals that more than the 40% of the online users determine the credibility of any website through its design.


No matter how many ideas you have for your business, don’t thrown them all together on your website design. Think about the most important things and focus around them while building your website. 

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