5 Benefits you get when your web developer does cross browser testing

cross browser testing by website developer Singapore

Over the last few years, there has been a significant growth in the number of internet browsers. Each of these browsers may render a website differently according to their web rendering engine.

So, before you launch your website, your website developer can check your website for cross-browser compatibility.

Testing your website for browser compatibility can help you in several ways. Here are some of those major benefits:

cross browser testing by website developer Singapore

#1 Better user engagement

Better user-engagement on any website means more sales & revenue. And testing a website for cross-browser compatibility is one of the best ways to achieve better user engagement. 

Cross-browser testing ensures that your website looks consistent for all the users who are browsing it from different browsers. 

In the absence of better user-engagement, your visitors may quit immediately when they see inappropriate rendering of your website on their browsers. 


#2 Seamless CTA rendering

We all know how important CTA is for any website to encourage the users take desired action. 

Appropriate placement of CTAs on any website is crucial for its online marketing campaigns as they affect on your ROI directly. 

But what if the CTA elements on your website are not rendering well for all the browsers. As a result, some of your website users may see it well and take the required action, while few users may not see it properly or even worst, they may not see them at all. 

Therefore, cross-browser testing is vital to the success of your online marketing


#3 Seamless forms integration

Have you ever been to any website where you wanted to submit a form but for some reasons, the form didn’t processed and you were not even notified about the reason of form malfunctioning? I am sure you’ve had this experience. 

One of the major reasons of this kind of form mishandling is improper cross-browser testing. Their web designer may have tested the forms for his own browser but failed to test it for all the major browsers. As a consequence, the form works well for some browsers and not for others. 

Again, these kind of errors can affect your business badly. 


#4 Easy-to-read fonts

Did you know that not all the browsers render website fonts in the same way? In other words, some browsers may not render your website fonts in the same way as your website designer had intended to show.

Eventually, your website may look weird in some browsers. 

What’s the solution?

Cross-browser testing is the only solution to ensure that your webpages render the fonts consistently across the browsers. 


#5 Mobile responsive

One of the important benefits of testing a website for different browsers is ensure its responsiveness

As we know different mobile devices use different default browsers. When your web developer ensures the cross-browser compatibility of your website, all of the mobile users can view your website in a responsive way. 

A mobile responsive website has several benefits. Some of them being below:

  • Enhanced user-experience
  • Higher SEO rankings
  • Lower bounce rate
  • More conversions

Free tools to test a website for cross-browser compatibility:



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