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30 Questions to ask before website development

Do you need a website for your business to showcase your services or sell your products online? If yes, then you must be looking out to hire a professional website developer

Hiring a website developer can sometimes be challenging. It’s not because they are not easily available to hire. Rather, it’s because you may need to communicate with your website developer efficiently and share all the possible scope of work. 

If you don’t do so, you may be at risk of delaying the completion timeline of your project and sometimes even worst, not finishing it at all.  

Now the question is “What information do you need to provide to your website developer?“.

As a web design consultant, I have a set of certain questions that I usually ask my clients before providing them with a website design quote. 

30 Questions to ask before your website development

In this blog post, I have shared 30 questions that you should answer and make a list of them to provide to your website developer. 

Basic Questions

1. What’s the goal of your website development? Do you want a website just for the sake of an online presence or do you want to get leads from your website? Perhaps you may want to sell your products online.

2. Who is the target audience of your website? What would be their age, preferences, and other demographic details?

3. Do you have any specific USP that differentiates your business from the competition? In other words, what do you want your website to focus on?

4. Do you have any preferences in terms of colors, fonts, etc.?

5. Have you already laid down the required features of your website? Or do you need the assistance of your website developer to discuss your project and suggest you the required features?

6. If you already have a website and you are looking to redesign your existing website, what is it that you want to add-on to your new website and remove from your existing website?

7. Do you have any reference websites that you admire and would like to share with your website developer?

8. Have you already secured a domain name & web hosting package? Or you need the assistance of your website developer to suggest some of the best yet affordable web hosting companies for you?

9. Do you have any specific budget for your website development? Or what is your expected website development cost that you are looking at?

10. If you are looking to redesign your existing website, do you have all the required access permissions to the admin panel and server?

Website Scope & Features

11. Do you already have a logo or do you want your website designer to create one?

12. Have you specified the favicon graphic for your website?

13. Do you need any tagline or contact details to be shown on your website throughout the webpages?

14. Have you decided upon the number and type of sections & pages that you need on your website?

15. Do you also need a provision to upload video or audio files on your website?

16. Do you already have royalty-free images to use on your website or do you need the assistance of your website developer to arrange the high-resolution images?

17. If you plan to upload videos on your website directly instead of YouTube links, does your current server has the required configuration or specifications?

18. Do you want a live chat feature on your website? If yes, have you subscribed to any of the chat widget providers or you want your website builder to help you?

19. Do you need a blog on your website?

20. Do you have any preferences for your web developer to follow a pattern for all the URLs on your website?

21. Do you have any preferences for the mobile-version of your website or you want to rely on your website developer to do it for you? For example, you may want to use a call button or WhatsApp feature on your mobile website.

22. Do you need a multi-lingual website?

23. Do you have any preferences for the CMS platform that your website developer must choose to build your site?

24. Will you be accepting payments online? If yes, which payment gateway do you want your developer to integrate with your website.

25. Do you need social sharing icons with all the webpages of your website? Do you need your web designer to display social media icons and link them to your respective business pages?

26. Do you want to use trackers on your website to measure the conversions, sales or leads? Perhaps, if you will be marketing & advertising your website online, you may want your developer to integrate the necessary tracking codes.

27. What’s your expected timeline to complete your website? Do you need your website to complete soon or you don’t have any specified deadline?

28. Do you need any special features such as backup, SEO etc. ?

29. Do you need an e-commerce website or a simple business website? Perhaps you may need a complicated web portal or web application.

30. Do you want your website developer to maintain your website as well? Or you want to take control of your website to make changes to it?

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