3 Major distinctions between mobile app development and website development

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With the sharp rise in the usage of mobile applications, several business owners are looking to create their own mobile apps and grow their revenue.

Before you invest time & money in your mobile app or website development, you must know the difference between them.

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When do you need a website…

If you’re starting a new business, you need a website. 

If you’re an existing business, you need a website. 

If you’re in business, you need a website. 

If you’re not in business, you can have a website.

In other words, there is no specific reason to have a website.

However, for the mobile apps, things are a bit different.

When do you need a mobile app…

Here are some of the scenarios where you may need a mobile app with or without a website:

  • When you have a unique idea that will benefit the users only from the portability of a phone.
  • If you’re a small business and want to create an app as an extension of your brand and as a way to connect with your customers on a more intimate level then you could do that.
  • When you want to engage your customers in real-time. You can use a mobile application to send push notifications, collect data about your customers, or give customers access to exclusive content.
  • When you need to build a social media platform or any other platform where the user’s personal experience is vital, you may need a mobile application.

In this blog post, I have shared some of the major distinctions between mobile app development and website development.

#1 The cost

Building a mobile app is a lot more expensive than building a website.

Mobile apps typically cost thousands of dollars, while the website cost can be a fraction of it.

If you’re building an in-house app, you’re going to be spending more money.

You’ll have to pay app developers and designers, and you’ll also have to pay for the app store itself, so you’re going to be spending more money on that.

So, the best idea here is to hire an affordable app developer in Singapore who can transform your idea into an app.

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Larger companies might want to invest in both, but if you’re just starting out, you should stick to a website.

Website development, on the other hand, is less expensive and very much affordable.

Especially with the help of a CMS such as WordPress, you can save a lot on your website development cost.

Are you looking for a website at an affordable cost? Hire WordPress developers in Singapore!

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#2 The Time

Mobile app development takes a lot more time than website development.

Websites are much faster to develop than mobile apps.

Mobile apps can take a lot of time to develop, from the initial concept all the way through to the testing phase.

You have to start with a concept, then you have to design the app, build the app, test it, and then release it to the public.

Mobile app development can take as long as 4 to 12 months, while website development takes around 1 to 3 months to complete.

In some cases, developing a website can be relatively quick, and you can have one up and running in less than a month.

Again, with the help of WordPress CMS, your website developer can complete your webs development in just a few weeks.

#3 The upgrade

Just like app development, redevelopment of an app is an expensive option too, as it involves re-writing code, updating any integrations with third-party APIs or SDKs.

Especially, if your app developer has created a native mobile app for your business, upgrading your app for both iOS & Android can be a huge task.

In case of the website resigning or upgrading, it doesn’t take too much time.

All that your web developer needs to do is just update a single codebase and publish it online to make your new website live.

However, in the case of mobile application redevelopment, your app developer will be required to update both the codebases (iOS & Android) and push them to their respective stores and wait for their approval.

Can mobile app and website go together?

Yes, mobile app and websites can go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

If you’re thinking about building a mobile app, you may need a website that people can navigate to first and find out more about your app, your idea, your business, and your contact details. 

Do you need a mobile app or a website?