12 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a WordPress Developer in Singapore

12 Questions to ask your Singapore WordPress developer before you hire him

Hiring a WordPress developer is quite affordable these days. 

You can find several web design companies or web developers who can build your WordPress website within your budget.


But how you should make sure that you are going to hire a professional website developer who will really develop your website with the best quality? 

The only way to ensure the quality of a WordPress developer is to ask him/her a few questions before you hire them.

12 Questions to ask your Singapore WordPress developer before you hire him

In this blog post, I am going to share some of those questions which you must ask your web developers before you award them your WordPress development project.

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Q1. How much experience do you have in web design and development?

This is perhaps the most important question that you must ask your website developer. 

You must ask how much experience do they have in the web design industry.

You may find several WordPress website developers who have just a few months of experience and quote ridiculously low prices just for the sake of securing your project.

You must ensure that your WordPress developer must have experience of at least 3-5 years. 

Because if they have an experience of 3-5 years, they must have built several websites for their other clients which you can view online. 

Also during these 3-5 years, your website developer must have experienced several challenges and he/she should be equipped now with the sufficient skills required to tackle those challenges.

Q2. What is the cost of my website development?

Ok, so once you are satisfied with the experience and expertise of your web developer, the next question which you must ask is “How much will be the cost of my website development?“.

As I already mentioned above that you can easily find affordable WordPress developers who can help you to build your e-commerce store or a corporate web design, you can expect a reasonable quote for your website too.

Usually, the cost to develop a corporate website using WordPress starts from $1000 and varies depending upon your requirements.

The more complicated your requirements are, the higher will be the price.

For an e-commerce website design, it may cost you $3000 or more, again depending upon your requirements.

You may also like to read one of my previous blogs where I’ve shared some detailed information on how much does a website developer charges to build a website in Singapore.

Q3. Will you use a readymade theme for my website design or you will create a custom design?

When you choose WordPress for your website design, you get the advantage of choosing a theme for your website.

There are hundreds of free and paid WordPress themes available which your website builder can install with your website.

You must decide first whether you need a readymade theme or a custom design.

The only drawback of using a theme is that there could be several other websites too which are using the same theme. So you don’t get a unique design for your website.

But since using a WordPress theme can lower down the cost of website development, most of the startups and small businesses choose them rather than going for a custom design.

Q4. Do I get the complete ownership of my website?

This is one of the most important questions that you must ask your WordPress developer before you hire them and I would really like to emphasize it a lot.


I met several business owners who wanted to engage me for their website redesign and when I requested them to share the control panel and FTP details, I was surprised to know that they didn’t have that information with them.

Even the most shocking thing was that some of those business owners were not able to get hold of their previous website developer who helped them to get their server and domain.

Therefore, you must make sure to ask the below questions about the ownership of your website:

  • Will I get the admin/backend login details to manage the website?
  • Will I get the control panel of my website hosting?
  • Will I get the domain control panel for my website?

Q5. How much time will it take to complete my website development?

If you have a certain deadline to launch your website/application, you must make sure that your web builder is able to complete your website by then.

Therefore, the next question which you must ask your WordPress developer is ‘How long will it take to complete my website?’.

Generally, a corporate website development using WordPress CMS takes 1-2 weeks to complete and this timeframe may vary depending upon the complexity of the work involved.

For an e-commerce web design using WordPress, it takes around 3-4 weeks. Again, the timeframe depends upon the scope of work.

Q6. How will you ensure the security of my WordPress website?

Sadly, most web developers don’t pay much attention to the security of a website.

A website’s security is as important as its existence in the first place. 

Especially if you have an e-commerce website, you must ensure that your website is secured, and at the same time, you must take care of the security of your customers’ confidential information.

Open Source CMS applications like WordPress are prone to malicious attacks & virus injections. 

Why is it so?

Well, because WordPress is one of the most popular & commonly used open-source CMS platforms, the hackers are familiar with its architecture and previous vulnerabilities. 

In other words, being popular & loved by millions of users, these open source applications also become the target of hackers.

Luckily, there are several free and paid WordPress plugins available to secure your website.

All you need to do is, just ask your web developer to install and activate any of these security plugins. Other than the security plugins, there are several ways to secure a WordPress website.

Q7. Will my website be responsive?

Although most of the web developers build websites with a responsive web design only, to be sure, you must still ask them.

There are still some web design companies or freelance web developers who take care of the responsiveness of a website only when asked by the clients.

As we all know that most of the users browse the internet using their devices like mobiles and tablets, it’s really very crucial to have a responsive website.

Lack of responsiveness may result in loss of business especially if you run an e-commerce store.

Fortunately, most WordPress themes are mobile-friendly (responsive), so you may not have to worry about it. But you must still ask your WordPress developer to make sure that your website is responsive. 

Q8. Will I be able to manage the website backend?

It’s very important for all the webmasters to update their websites with the latest & accurate information. At the same time, it’s true that you can’t hire a website developer for every small change on your website.

Therefore, you must ask your website developer if you will get easy access & a user-friendly backend to make changes on your website.

Again, with the WordPress CMS, it has become even easier-than-ever to manage a website, for the laymen too.

Therefore you must ensure that your WordPress developer provides you with access to manage your website.

Also, he must provide you with a manual which you can follow and learn the website management yourself.

Q9. Will I get support/warranty after the website is launched?

This is another important question that you must ask your WordPress developer before you hire him for your website design.

There are many web developers who never provide support after the website is launched and even if you request them to fix any existing issues or bugs, they will try to charge you again for those fixes.

To avoid such a situation later, you must ask your website developer if he/she provides a warranty after the website’s completion.

Most of the reliable web development companies & web developers provide a 3-6 months warranty to their customers so that if any issue/bug appears, they will help you to fix them without charging any additional money.

Q10. Will there be any backup system in the website?

Having a proper backup system on the website is very important.

There can be some unpredictable/unavoidable situations where the website may get damaged partially or completely. It could be due to the server issue or sometimes a wrong action taken by you or your website manager unknowingly.

It is always safe to have the latest backup in place so that it can be restored to make your website working again.

Fortunately, there are several free and paid WordPress plugins available which you can use to backup and restore your website in just a few clicks.

So you must ask your WordPress developer if they will install and activate any backup plugin with your website.

Q11. Will my website be SEO-friendly? Will you install SEO plugins in the my website?

Having a website is not enough. 

You won’t get any sales or leads from your website unless it is searchable for your targeted users. SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the effective ways to get targeted traffic on your website.

While it’s true that a website developer has nothing to do with SEO, but he/she can still help you in optimizing your website for search engines by installing the best SEO plugins.

So, your next question to your website developer must be whether he/she will install the backup plugins in your website or not.

Q12. What all information do you need from me to start the website development?

OK, after asking all the 11 questions mentioned above, now you should be able to decide which website developer you should hire.

Now you must ask your shortlisted website developer “What all information do you need from me to start the website development?”.

The more detailed information you provide to your web developer, the smoother your website development process will be. It will also ensure that you will be getting your website developed as per your expectations.


To make your online business journey enjoyable & profitable, it’s good to have a nice start. A website plays an important role in the success of any online business.

Therefore you must take every possible step to avoid bad experiences. Asking the above 12 questions will definitely help you to hire the best WordPress developers for your website.

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