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11 Best Practices To Have A Profitable E-Commerce Website

Are you looking for a new eCommerce website development?

Or perhaps you already have an eCommerce store but looking for some tips to improve it or completely redesign your website.

ecommerce website development checklist - by website developer singapore

Whatever the case is, here are some basic but essential ingredients that can make your online business successful, by having a profitable eCommerce website.

#1 Avoid Clutter

What users want

A clean & clutter-free website is always appreciated by all users. They don’t want to spend time figuring out where they should click and what they should do next.

The design of your eCommerce store must be so clean that users of all age groups must be able to use it hassle-free.

A professional website designer always understands the importance of a decluttered website design.

#2 Search Bar

Forcing your potential buyers to browse all the pages of your website & figure out what they want, won’t get you any conversions & sales.

A simple yet robust search bar is essential for all eCommerce websites in order to facilitate the users to find out quickly, what they want.

Further, adding an auto-complete feature to your search bar may do wonders because it will help your potential buyers to suggest all products that are available in your store based on their search keywords.

An experienced website developer in Singapore will always make sure that your eCommerce store has a user-friendly & robust search bar on all pages.

#3 Menu

Imagine you go to a restaurant and ask for their menu but all that you see on their menu are unorganized food items. Under the main course, they have listed the starters and main course items are listed under desserts. Can you imagine how much time it will take to order your preferred meal and drinks?

A website is no exception. If the users don’t find their items easily, they may decide to quit.

The solution here is to have a proper menu with all the categories and sub-categories, if applicable.

For eg., if you run an eCommerce store for apparel, you can have categories like For Men, For Women, etc. And under each category, you can show appropriate sub-categories. For instance, under “For Men”, you can show “T-Shirts”, “Trousers”, “Denim” etc.

A simplified menu is key to getting more sales & conversions from an eCommerce website.

#4 Simplified Checkout

Do you know that more than 50% of the orders on your website may get abandoned because of the cumbersome process of checkout?

No matter how good your website looks and how fine your products are, if the checkout process is not simplified, you won’t get many sales.

Even better, having a single-page checkout works well to increase the conversions of any eCommerce store. Don’t ask for too much information from your customers that is not even required to fulfill their orders. Eliminate the unnecessary fields from your checkout page if you want to make more sales.

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#5 Accept a Wide Range Of Payment Options

By providing more options for payment methods to your customers, you increase the chances of getting more sales.

Most eCommerce business owners make the mistake of imposing their own payment choices on the customers but they tend to forget that, it’s the customer who has to pay.

If they aren’t given enough payment choices to choose from, they may end up leaving their orders abandoned. Therefore, you must ask your website maker to integrate multiple payment options for your customers.

Therefore, you must ask your eCommerce website developer to add multiple payment methods to your website.

#6 Clear Delivery Instructions

To avoid any post-sale dispute or refunds, you must clearly specify the delivery terms & any other special instructions.

If you can’t provide prompt delivery services to your customers, you must mention this on your website clearly. Don’t worry, there is still a huge percentage of online buyers who don’t care about prompt delivery. In other words, there are still many customers who are fine to have their orders delivered in weeks.

But the key is to mention everything transparently. If you fail to do so, you may have to face challenges like disputes or refunds. It can also damage your business reputation.

#7 Go Mobile

Several studies have shown that more than 60% of online buyers use their mobile phones to make their purchases. Having said this, if your eCommerce website is not responsive (mobile-friendly), you may be at risk of losing a significant share of your overall sales.

Although most web developers do provide responsive design for eCommerce website development, you must make it clear before you hire them.

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#8 Show Support

Money is power and people are afraid of losing their power. So it’s your responsibility to make them feel secure while they are buying products from your website.

By providing them a hotline number or live chat option, you show them that you are always available for your customers if they have any problem or query related to their orders.