10 WordPress Plugins For A WooCommerce Website To Get More Sales

e-commerce web design checklist

WooCommerce is now the leading e-commerce web design platform due to its scalability and customization.

However, what makes WooCommerce even more powerful is its ability to seamlessly integrate with plugins to add vital features that help you scale up your e-commerce website and sell online easily.

e-commerce web design checklist

The best part of using WooCommerce is that you do have access to the tools that will help you boost your sales and conversions.

The problem is that there are just too many to choose from and it will be time-consuming for you to find the most suitable ones.

To make your choice easier, we bring you our list of 10 essential plugins that you would want to use with your WooCommerce website.

#1 Booster

booster wordpress plugin woocommerce web design

If you are looking to make your e-commerce website global, you will find this plugin loaded with a lot of powerful features.

The most prominent feature is its ability to localize your e-commerce website profile, contents, graphic images and product descriptions to match your visitors.

Apart from the language, it is also capable of automatically converting the prices of your products in the local currency.

You will have the ability to add up to 159 more currencies into the e-commerce platform and show the matching currency symbol.

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2. Beeketing

beeketing marketing automation woocommerce web design

If you are on the look out for a way to automate your sales and marketing process without increasing to the time & effort of your web developer, then you just cannot overlook Beeketing.

It is one of the best plugins for WooCommerce that can help to market your e-commerce website effectively.

This WordPress plugin comes bundled with more than 10 built-in apps that are designed for optimizing conversion rates, increasing average value of your orders and nurture your loyal customers.

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#3 Live Sales Notification

Live Sales Notification WooCommerce Web Design

One of the smart tips for your e-commerce web design is to advertise bestselling products by displaying sales notifications to catch the attention of customers.

Live Sales Notification plugin for WooCommerce syncs automatically with the store’s live orders list to generate these notifications.

It also gives you the ability to generate “fake notifications” so that you can promote certain products by creating the sense of being a busy store.

#4 WPFront Notification Bar

WordPress development Singapore

WPFront Notification Bar enhances your website design by displaying a sticky bar on top of your page that announces promotions to your customers without interrupting the shopping flow.

  • It can help you build an email list quickly
  • It can help you drive traffic to certain promotion pages

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#5 YITH Wishlist

WordPress development Singapore

YITH Wishlist plugin helps you in adding a Wishlist widget to your e-commerce store easily.

The plugin:

  • Directs your customers to a Wishlist page with a style and layout that you can choose as per your website design.
  • Allows users to maintain multiple Wishlists.
  • Allows users to share the over social networks

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#6 Refer A Friend

årefer a friend woocommerce web design

This plugin builds a powerful system for referrals on your e-commerce website.

  • You can reward your customers with coupons for their referrals.
  • The coupons can be customized to work as discounts on next purchase or free items.
  • Your customers get rewards, you gain more customers.

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#7 Direct Checkout

direct checkout woocommerce website design

This plugin will help you in making your e-commerce website checkout process simpler by skipping the shopping cart page and taking customers directly to the checkout page.

  • This prevents shoppers from abandoning their shopping carts.
  • This makes the entire process simpler and immediate for sales kind of transactions.
  • A button to “Continue Shopping” allows customers to browse for additional products.

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#8 Product Extras

WordPress development Singapore

This plugin enhances your e-commerce web design by allowing you to add options and fields to your products which is a known way of achieving better conversion results.

  • A discount or cost can be assigned to each field. This will be subtracted or added to the product price.
  • Field values are stored as order meta data and shown to the customer during checkout process.
  • Allowing users to customize products helps increase engagement and customer retention.

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#9 Request A Quote

request a quote feature woocommerce website design

This plugin allows your e-commerce website to accept inquiries for quotes from customers.

  • This allows you to better understand the needs of your shoppers.
  • Having a quotation process facilitates specific kinds of purchases which do not fall in the natural flow of your ordering system like special conditions requested by the customers and bulk orders.

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#10 Woocommerce Google Feed Manager

google product feed woocommerce website design

Manually feeding the products from your e-commerce website to Google shopping involves the daunting work of manually maintaining product information and exporting the file every time there is a change.

Google Product Feed Manager helps you feed products easily to Google shopping without the manual trouble.

Apart from appearing quicker than the manual way, you have the opportunity of modifying the fields to improve the visibility of your product on Google Shopping platform.

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